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  • Personal Narrative: My Eyes To A Familiar World

    Opening My Eyes to a Familiar Yet Unfamiliar World 1,200 feet above sea level and 30 miles south of Downtown Los Angeles, I woke up as the birds chirped and the sun shined straight into my face in the suburbs of Palos Verdes, California. Waking up in a house on top of an actual hill instead of an apartment on the 27th floor of a manmade building I used to live in, in Seoul, South Korea. Moving back to America after my freshman year of high school was a complete switch for me in environment…

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  • Swot Analysis Segway

    Background: We all remember Segway’s from the early 2000s, but have you seen any around lately? Segway is a company that has always seemed to struggle getting off the ground. From overestimating the amount of sales, hiring new top executives to take the company in a new direction, and to mortgaging their Bedford New Hampshire factory. Segway seems to have many flaws in its operations, but can Segway dig themselves out of the dirt to become a profitable company? The concept of a Segway back in…

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  • Nuclear Sustainability Research Paper

    Sander Lush Proodian Chemistry P.4 Nuclear Sustainability Atoms are tiny particles that make up every object in the universe. Nuclear energy is the “life force” in the nucleus of an atom. There is powerful energy present in the bonds that hold the nucleus together, and this “nuclear energy” can be used to make electricity; however, that energy must first be released from atoms through nuclear fission. In a nuclear power plant, nuclear fission – the process of splitting highly-reactive…

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  • Final Cut Vs Blade Runner

    Ridley Scott’s 1982 film Blade Runner is an endlessly fascinating film to dissect. The film while not popular upon it’s initial release has grown a huge following over the years and has captured the minds of filmmakers, students and scholars alike. Even Sir Ridley Scott himself couldn’t stay away from his film as over the last thirty years he has tinkered with and fine tuned his film into what is now known as “The Final Cut”. The 1982 theatrical cut of the film and the subsequent 2007 release of…

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  • How Does Dubai Affect The Economy

    As a “modern day Babylon,” named by Jonathon West, a journalist for Management Today, Dubai has grown at an unprecedented rate since the turn of the century. With a population of 183,187 in 1975, this number has increased tenfold in thirty years – a rate never before seen. Not only has population increased, but Samer Bagaeen wrote in International Planning Studies that its income from oil has increased by as much as five times since 2006, bringing in $305 billion. Using this instant source of…

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  • Ugly Byproduct Analysis

    Bibliography: Merchant, G. (n.d.). SUSTAINABLE ENERGY TECHNOLOGIES: TEN LESSONS FROM THE HISTORY OF TECHNOLOGY REGULATION. Widner Law Journal, Vol. 18(3), p831–858. In-line Citation: (merchant, n.d.), retrieved from Overview Technological innovation is what drives the economy. Innovation brings to the world many of the products and services society…

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  • Pre-Industrial Revolution And Air Pollution

    1. Introduction Pre-industrial revolution, humans beings used to live a primitive life whereby they used wood for cooking, warming house; as biofuel. Even later when they lived in houses, they used candles to light up their homes. Post-industrial revolution, human beings discovered new energy resources which have made life much easier to live. And the discovery of these resources (coal and oil), have also supported the advancement of new technologies e.g. automobiles, airplanes, generation of…

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  • Pollution Essay: Can Humans Cause Climate Change?

    In the future what climate will the earth have? Will it be too hot, were we will all have to live underground to stay alive and cool. Will we be in the next ice age, struggling to survive in the cold. Will glaciers cover the earth’s surface to the point where no plants can grow? Will we have destroyed the crops where we can no longer feed ourselves? Will it be the same as it is now, proving that climate change is just a political game? No matter what is in store for us in the future, Climate…

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  • Negative Consequences Of Lead/Acid Battery

    The available technology points toward the use of lead/acid batteries to supply the power for ZEVs. The negative consequences associated with lead/acid batteries are numerous. For example, lead/acid batteries contain a large amount of lead. When the life of the battery is lost, the disposal of the lead within the battery must be dealt with appropriately. An analysis by researchers at Carnegie-Mellon found that the mass production of electric cars using lead/acid battery packs would exponentially…

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  • Environmental Causes Of Cancer

    development of cancer. It can occur in the workplace and in the home, as well as medical treatments, and lifestyle choices. Pollution from coal-fired power plants, auto mobile exhaust, and other sources. Burning coal is also a leading cause of acid rain, smog, and toxic air pollution. Some releases can be significantly reduced without hesitation available pollution controls, but furthermost U.S. coal plants have not mounted these advances. Similarly, chemicals in customer 's items, including…

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