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  • School Start Time Essay

    because it incorporates technology use into the school start time discussion. 2. Borlase, Gander, and Gibson (2013) stress the importance of sleep for teenagers. They often get less sleep than younger children, but need at least as much. Results from previous studies are shared, stating the importance of sleep during this time in a teenager’s life. “Sleep loss is related to lower academic performance, lower self esteem, higher incidence of depressive symptoms, increased substance use, and an…

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  • Benefits Of Later Starting School

    I believe that school days should have a later start time for the sake of teens. The lack of sleep affects teens in many major ways, such as, obesity, depression and an overall lower quality of life comes from the lack of sleep and early start times in schools. Kids are recommended between 8.5 to 9.5 hours of sleep every night to be able to function both physically and mentally. Researchers that studied students from eight different schools have found there is a major increase in attendance,…

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  • Self Reflective Essay Patterns

    Introduction Over the past week I started to take notes on a 1 to 5 scale of my behavior, mental health, sleep, and the results surprised me a little. My sleep patterns range from long nights such as 12 hours to very little periods such as 5 hours of sleep. Although it didn’t matter how much or little I slept my mental and energy levels were always very low and in a sort of depressive state. I 'm not sure how long this has been going on but I have noted that it has impaired my…

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  • The Man Upstairs: A Short Story

    Her eyes flicker like an unreliable light globe, being filled with light only every few seconds. Her left-hand twitches through the nerves of her weak and thin arms. The blanket created a pattern on her face like it was drawn by a child while she has been asleep. The red and black alarm vibrates beside the thin mattress, never being too loud as she didn’t want to wake The Man Upstairs. That’s what we call him, The Man Upstairs. When you wake up in here you wake up slowly, so you don’t really…

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  • The Negative Impact Of Violent Programs On Children

    health problems. A child who watches television massively will have sleep problems because he/she is not going to get enough sleep. The majority of famous TV shows are broadcasted at night (Vioqueand Quiles 1886). Cite That encourages children to stay up too late. Not only does this factor not allow children get enough sleep, but also will cause mental problems. According to Judith Owens in her research television-viewing habits and sleep disturbance in school children “children who are…

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  • Senioritis Essay

    Senioritis It was the second day of my senior year, my alarm clock starting going off and I looked over, with my eyes still trying to process what was going on, and it read 6:30 a.m. I rolled back over and put the covers over my head and fell back asleep. I realized that I was ill and senioritis had made its way to me and the symptoms were very clear. Senioritis is a disease that was finally established in the early 20th century, usually striking high school and college students causing:…

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  • Liz's Room: A Narrative Fiction

    been staying here a lot since my home issues got worse. I felt my phone buzz on my stomach. I looked at it and there was a message from Josh right on time. Josh is Liz’s brother. “Look at the door.” The text said and I looked over. He mouthed “can’t sleep?” I nodded and stood up. I walked across the room past the open window with a box fan in it and shivered slightly. We walked out of the room shutting…

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  • My Favorite Moment Research Paper

    house. For example, I would always water my flowers twice a day, but after a while I wouldn’t water them for a week. My forgetfulness became worse as time went on. I started to forget to how to turn the radio on, when to take a shower, and when to sleep. At this point we thought it would be best to see a doctor and that’s when the crippling word “Alzheimer’s” came out of his mouth. I was heartbroken, I never thought the…

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  • The G-Slip Analysis

    The G-Slip “And then killed herself.” That is it. That is the phrase. “And then killed herself.” Right at the border of sleep. The mind will begin to race and thoughts will become less guarded. Until, with a slip something like a gear slip… “And then killed herself.” It is said into the moment of slippage when other thoughts have temporarily gone missing. Said in my own voice. That is to say, spoken as all my thoughts are spoken. In something only faintly vocal, but clearly heard. “And…

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  • Homework In Schools Is Ineffective Essay

    lack of balance in children 's lives”(Enayati). Many teens have after school jobs and simply do not have time to do a abundance of homework. It is recommended, students get at least 8-10 hours of sleep a night (Teens and Sleep). While this is true, many students do not get the recommended amount of sleep because they have sports, work, and an abundance of homework after school every night. Athletics and students social life does not leave much time for homework at night. It has been proven,…

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