Reflection Paper On Sleep

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Over the course of the past two weeks of tracking my sleep and dreaming, a few observations have been observed and a lot of analysis have been made. I have found that I slept an average of eight hours and ten minutes per night, with the minimum of approximately seven hours and a maximum of eleven hours. Within this two-week span I had built up a small amount of daily sleep debt, ranging fifteen to forty-five minutes a night, but I was able to make up the hours on the weekend, or throughout the week, result in no net sleep debt. In order to avoid having a daily sleep debt, I should attempt to go to sleep earlier as well as, try to relax a little before bed. I could also try and “stock up” on sleep during the weekend when I do not have a set …show more content…
The night that I had gone to see my parents I had gotten 11 hours of sleep, compared to the next Saturday, which I had gotten seven hours. In fact, this observation holds true, even after the sleep log had ended: this past weekend the Cross Country team had left campus to go to a meet in Kentucky and the night we stayed in the hotel I had gotten nine hours of sleep. I also found though analyzes of my sleep journal that the nights that I had taken allergy medication (Benadryl) I slept for longer and what felt to be a deeper sleep. I believe this could be a result of the side effects from the medication or the need for more sleep while I did not feel …show more content…
I went to sleep around 11:30pm and at 3:00am I was awoken suddenly by a bad storm, the wind was shaking our camper and the rain hit the roof, sounding like rocks falling from the sky. I was lying in bed aware I was asleep but unable to wake myself, most likely phasing out of REM sleep. When I was finally able to awake I had realized that I had one of the most bazaar dreams of my life. It went something like this; the Cross Country team and I had just finished our warm-up “jig-jog” and began to do our dynamic stretching outside of Crissey Hall, between the front door and parking lot (which is not where we normally practice). Koster was calling out our dynamics and we were doing them to the best of our typical ability when all of a sudden these two white vans come crashing through the field towards us. The van doors open and a bunch of other K College students pile out, it was very clear to me that they were an “Extreme Terrorist Group”. The other students were holding big assault rifles and demanding that we follow their rules and that we get into their vehicles. Koster had told these students “No” and to leave, the group then became very angry and shot the entirety of the men’s Cross Country team, besides one boy, Corey, who was standing behind me. This “group” then leaves and Koster is looking at us like nothing had even happened and told us to do “10 scorpions and 10 eagles”, we

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