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  • Progressive Era Dbq Analysis

    generating oil to fuel the economy. This served as the first demonstration of a monopoly, which utilized the teeming amounts of job-seekers to work for his industry. Similar to this, Carnegie realized America’s need for steel, as it was required to make skyscrapers, elevators, and railroads. This realization led to his decision to innovate a cheaper way to make steel, hence Carnegie’s Steel. His industry skyrocketed due to steel’s high demand and led to mass numbers of workers under his control.…

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  • My Prison

    designed a prison that I think will lower this and change the way we think of prisons. What makes my prison different is the setup and goal. My prison is a combination of a minimum and medium security prison. Made to be built in a city, it’s two skyscrapers that connect through bridges. The layout of the prison is that all housing is kept on the left building, while recreation, kitchens, counseling and all other non housing features are…

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  • Essay On The Impact Of The American Industrial Revolution

    The Impact of The American Industrial Revolution America has changed since it was founded two hundred and forty years ago. Even then it was different from Great Britain which had first colonized the area in which it was founded. America rebelled against the principals of their former master yet managed to stay relevant in the world. America has very rarely been referred to as a backwater country and for good reason. Over the centuries America has changed and morphed to meet the world around it.…

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  • Personal Narrative: A Visit To Detroit

    a free, self-guided architecture tour. Detroit has lots to offer when it comes to uniquely designed buildings. Some stops on the tour included the Guardian Building and the Fisher Building, both landmark skyscrapers, and the iconic Renaissance Center, a group of seven interconnected skyscrapers. Another exquisite building is the Fox Theatre, which is often described as “Detroit’s crown jewel.” We saw a performance of the Broadway musical “Beauty and the Beast,” although I was distracted by the…

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  • Riverside City Case Study

    Riverside, CA—General Plan Analysis and 30-Year Strategy Context Riverside City is located in Southern California. It was founded during the mission days under Spanish rule in the early 1800s, when ranchos (land grands) were offered to citizens of high standing. The downtown design was a grid iron pattern borrowed from the design of downtown Philadelphia . The city benefitted from the “second gold rush” of California; navel oranges were a cash crop in the area. The citrus industry assisted in…

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  • Analysis Of What I Saw, By Joseph Roth

    Berlin, like most capitals, is the jewel of the German nation. Located is a relatively centralized location of the country, the political, social and technological trends were almost always first noticed in this quickly growing city. Similar to other growing and established cities, it attracts tourists, historians, journalists and everyday people who want to document as well as experience the historical changes. This was also the case for Joseph Roth. His document on Berlin from 1920 to 1933…

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  • Mechanical Engineering Career Research Paper

    Many people wonder what career pathway they should pursue in college once they graduate high school. Some dream of becoming a doctor or a surgeon. Others venture to take over the family business. The most important concepts to remember when selecting a career are finding a growing field and a choosing a job that is enjoyable. Mechanical engineering is a thriving area that proves to be prosperous and satisfying to nearly all workers, and a degree for this career is very flexible which is…

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  • How To Write An Essay About The Movie Metropolis

    As grandiose as the production design was for its time Metropolis, set designer huge sets to show the hellish factories of the subterranean world. The models of the city's towering skyscrapers are also surprisingly convincing for a 1920s film. Even beyond the expansive production design and (for the time) special effects, Lang's visuals are all consistently inventive. The robot Maria provides some of the movie's most iconic images, including her transformation into a human being. In a later…

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  • Relationship Between Instinct And Reasons

    The human kind is a unique specie. Humans are versatile through which plays a part in human’s lives. Us human’s have the ability to recognize and register events and to be able analyse those conditions to be able to help us survive. Through learning the humankind has over generation been able to form an ability, the ability to reason. Through this it has enriched us humans to be able to use our senses and emotions in order to make better decisions and helping us to develop further. Through…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Road Trip To New York City

    to New York City. As we arrived to the city, we had to wait a few minutes to cross the George Washington Bridge because there was a lot of traffic. After waiting for a while we drove across the bridge and as we made our way across I saw a lot of skyscrapers, including the New World Trade Center and the Empire State Building. We arrived to a place where we had to wait for more than an hour to get on a ferry boat that would take us to the Statue of Liberty. It was very cold and noisy because of…

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