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  • Metropolis By Fritz Lang: A Glimpse Of The Future

    Knowing that this film is released during the 1920s but still they have the idea of what modern society may look like. After seeing this I realized that the predictions showed in the film is true to our time. Colossal skyscrapers and establishment, state of the class roads and the robots presented in the film is really happening right now. Hence, I am thinking that the one who conceptualized the film is a brilliant mind. The imagination of Karl Freud as the cinematographer…

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  • Comparing Metropolis And Blade Runner

    Both movies feature a futuristic city where the architecture is composed of mainly skyscrapers. Both movies have similar openings when the camera shows the tower of babel which is basically the main power in Metropolis putting it at the center before showing the rest of the city, a very similar shot is used in Blade Runner showing the tower…

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  • 3D Modeling Research Paper

    say, and make a special bolt and see if it works out. Also if there is a problem on the job site, and it has to be fixed someone could 3D print a part that would fit and fix the problem. If there is a need for a special crane for a job site of a skyscraper or something someone could have a 3D model of a crane and send it to the crane manufacture and sell the idea to the crane manufacture and make a ton of…

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  • Baloney And Cheese Analysis

    This is the third attempt at writing this. I have written now about the major influences I use to interpret the world, and how we accumulate to many possessions and not enough experiences. Sadly I felt very much dissatisfied with them both. I wondered why this was. Instead now, I have chosen to write about truths. Truths, and how, whenever they are simple, we disbelieve. First, I am going to attempt to generalize how we are raised into this. When we first start asking questions, only simple…

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  • Summary Of Kenneth Jackson's Crabgrass Frontier

    Kenneth Jackson contends in Crabgrass Frontier, that the development of the skyscraper with the telephone and elevator emphasized the vigor of the American city in the 19th century, “but the extraordinary prosperity and vitality of most urban cores between 1890 and 1950 cannot be understood without reference to the streetcar systems.” Unlike cable cars or the railroad, streetcars highlighted the business district and connected the people to the heart of the city. The streetcar enabled…

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  • Cindy Sherman's 'Untitled Film Still # 21'

    It is a black and white photograph that appears to be a young girl getting ready to take on the big city life. She looks to be suspicious of the new place she is in. She does not appear to be used to the big city feeling with the skyscrapers in the background. She is wearing a hot with a jacket as the picture only goes up to around her torso. There are also shadows and light reflecting off of the buildings in the background of the picture. However, she grows to like the city based on…

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  • Compare And Contrast Chicago And Paris Essay

    The two cities both have beautiful buildings and artwork. The cities have uniquely designed buildings like the vintage Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris and the towering skyscrapers in Chicago. They pay attention to details, from wood carvings on the cathedral in Paris, to the steel framework on the towers in Chicago. Paris and Chicago also offer art museums that have famous works of art ranging from Vincent Van Gogh to Leonardo…

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  • Sao Paulo Research Paper

    economic deprived still take to the favelas outskirts. The city is not chock-a-block exhibiting striking must-sees with, myriad museums and ever-changing art exhibitions. Lovely parklands are also interspersed between countless shops, malls and skyscrapers. There are more pizzerias in the town than any Italian city, with diverse national cuisines and loads of restaurants, Sao Paulo is never short of culinary choices. The staple food may be rice, beans and pork. A number of immigrant recipes…

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  • Five Senses Of A Park Analysis

    recreation. This park also does not try to block out the city but takes advantage of the beautiful skyline that surrounds it. It also creates the illusion that Chicago is a city in a garden from some angles, especially when it appears that there are skyscrapers rising up behind trees and grass. One addition that would be helpful and take advantage of the skyline would be to add more hills. While it would not give the same sensation of escape, it would still be as peaceful as the other parks to…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Trip To Chicago

    in the infamous O’Hare airport which seems to be a standard time arriving from Toronto. The markets gear up to open, and the brokers are already thirty stories above the streets in their offices preparing for the day. Chicago is a city of many skyscrapers, traffic, and the odd smell of chocolate coming from the Boomer’s Chocolate Company. It is a city of shadows that casts a never-ending gloom, only to have it broken up into tiny fragments by the narrow gaps in-between buildings. The buildings…

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