Diversity In New York City

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Topic: Diversity in New York City
General Purpose: To inform
Specific Purpose: I want to inform my class of three main areas of diversity in New York City.
Central Idea/Thesis Statement: Three main areas of diversity in New York City are: (1) culture; (2) architecture; and (3) distribution of wealth.


I. [Attention Getter] Imagine walking down the street as you notice your surroundings.
A. You smell fresh Italian food as you step out of your taxi.
B. You start walking and see a sleek, modern skyscraper towering above you.
C. There is a homeless man napping on the sidewalk.
D. As you keep walking, you hear people speaking Chinese beneath a cathedral from the 1800’s.
E. You see men dressed in professional business suits walking
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Finally, I will discuss the diversity of wealth spread through New York City.

Transition: New York City is definitely a melting pot, and this can be seen specifically through its diversity of culture.


I. New York City is home to people from all different backgrounds and places and contains a significant diversity of culture.
A. Demographically, New York City has a unique population of people.
1. Immigration brings many people to New York City.
2. In the book New York: Culture Capital of the World 1940-1965, published in 1988, New York City was described as “the culture capital of the world” (Ashton and Wallock, 1988).
3. There are large populations of Chinese, Greeks, Jews, African-Americans, Hispanics, Russians, and Italians.
4. Numerous ethnicities can be found.
5. The broad range of culture is a unique element of New York City.
B. Experiencing this cultural diversity was enlightening.
1. I was able to visit shops in Chinatown, eat Italian pastries in Little Italy, and sing in a karaoke club in Koreatown.
2. I also saw that Brooklyn and The Bronx contain sizeable African-American populations.
3. I met many different people from different backgrounds and
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New York houses the rich and famous as well as the poor and homeless.
A. Walking through New York City, I saw a significant number of poverty stricken people.
1. It seemed like each street corner had at least one, if not more, homeless people resting or asking for money.
2. There are neighborhoods in areas like The Bronx that were full of poverty.
3. Each street and subway terminal held people trying to make money to make ends meet by singing, painting portraits, selling goods, playing instruments, or acting.
B. New York City and skyscrapers are, of course, also home to upper-class citizens and celebrities.
1. There are important company owners and businessmen specifically on Wall Street.
2. Just walking through Grand Central Station I could tell which people were upper class by their neatly pressed suits, brisk walks, and official looking briefcases.
3. Some people in the city can afford to live in the most expensive apartments of the most fancy skyscrapers and attend Broadway plays in the most expensive seats.
4. Many esteemed celebrities also live in “The Big Apple” with their fortunes.

Transition: While this difference in wealth doesn’t seem fair, it definitely adds to the diversity of New York

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