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  • Home Remedies With Gooseberries Case Study

    Home Remedies with Gooseberries Gooseberry for cardiac problems How does it benefit? Gooseberry makes your heart stronger and maintains your heartbeat. It is beneficial in reducing heart attack, fast heartbeat and high blood pressure. It makes your blood vessels soft and increase elasticity which prevents heart attack and high blood pressure. You Need • Dry Gooseberry /Gooseberry (Gooseberry) powder-2 Gooseberries/100gm power • Sugar candy powder-100 • Glass Bottle Direction 1. Take dry…

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  • Case Study Of Frederick Griffith Experiment

    By having a capsule, it protect cells from engulfment by eukaryotic cells, such as macrophages. In other words, when S strain covers itself with a polysaccharide capsule, it protects it from the host’s immune system, resulting in the death of the host. In addition to that, R strain which is genetically identical, differ from S strain because it carries mutation that prevents it from making polysaccharide coat. According to the definition of mutation in iGenetics…

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  • Essay On Allergy

    pets may experience are food allergies and environmental allergies. As a general rule of thumb, seasonal allergies are situated within the “environmental” category of allergies. Allergies of any type are an overreaction of the immune system, in which the immune system identifies the allergen as a foreign substance that it must eliminate. As the animal’s body tries to fight this substance, the reactions in the form of allergy symptoms occur. Several different…

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  • Essay On Allergy Testing

    Reasons to get Allergy Testing Hypersensitivity reactions can really get very serious at times. There are various substances that incite an allergic response. Some are pertaining to a season and others to some food items. Be it any type of allergy, getting tested for the same is a must. Allergy testing may be on the skin or on blood. Some of the important reasons for getting yourself tested for such allergies are described below. 1. Handling the allergy becomes easy. Once you have got the…

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  • Edible Vaccines Essay

    transformation are called transgenic plants. One of the key factors that define success of potential edible vaccines is the selection of important epitope region(s) from the pathogen of interest. Gene of interest which codes for the antigen and the expression system should be compatible with the selected plant. For the production of plant based vaccines edible parts of different plants are mostly utilized. Fruits like banana cereals like rice and leaves of tobacco and tubers like potatoes and…

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  • Essay On Urinary System

    Urinary system Objective: to distinguish key microscopic components of the renal cortex and the Meduna. Also identify the structural components of the nephron. Describing the structures of the surface across which, filtration occurs. Also, identifying the proximal tubule, distal tubule and connecting duct. Name and identify the ureter, bladder and urethra Introduction: The urinary system consists of two kidneys. The urinary system performs many functions removing waste, products from the…

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  • Malaria Case Study Essay

    with the high density of parasaetaemia and schizontoemia.9 Meanwhile the increase in RBC destruction is correlated to the phagocytosis of iRBC and uninfected RBC (uRBC) due to proliferation and hyperactivity of macrophages in the reticuloendothelial system (RES).9 It was believed that uRBC loss is due to their premature senescence, with poor deformability inhibiting them from passing through the fenestrations of the splenic red pulp, thus makes them subject to phagocytosis.10 Whereas the…

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  • Command Economy: The Characteristics Of A Market Economy

    ‘Viennese economist Otto Neurath developed the concept of a command economy to control the hyperinflation after World War I.’ At first look, a command economy appears to be the less developed system and indeed does not function as productively as a market economy does. ‘Command economies are unable to efficiently allocate goods because of the knowledge problem, or the planner’s inability to discern how much of a good should be produced. Shortages…

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  • Essay On Viral Conjunctivitis

    Viral conjunctivitis is an inflammation of the clear membrane that covers the white part of your eye (conjunctiva). The inflammation is caused by a virus. The inflammation can also happen on the underside of your eyelids. The blood vessels in the conjunctiva become inflamed, causing the eye to become red or pink, and often itchy. Viral conjunctivitis can be easily passed from one person to another (contagious). CAUSES Viral conjunctivitis is caused by a virus. A virus is a type of germ and can…

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  • Good Health And Wellness Essay

    Good health, or wellness, is more than disease prevention and risk reduction. Health is more than just exercising and eating right. Wellness is more than one dimensional. Wellness includes taking care of one’s physically, mentally, socially, intellectually, spiritually and environmentally. Maintaining an optimal level of wellness is absolutely crucial to live a higher quality life. Wellness matters. Wellness matters because everything we do and every emotion we feel relates to our well-being.…

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