Isaac's Writing: Focus, Content, Organization, Style, And Conventions

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On the fourth grade narrative writing assessment, Isaac scored 5 points out of a possible 20. He was scored on: Focus, Content, Organization, Style, and Conventions. The purpose and idea is slightly unclear in Isaac 's writing. It can be seen that the idea he is writing about is that he is thankful for his dad, however he was unable to provide purpose. The purpose is difficult to recognize because he was also unable to provide an introduction or a conclusion in his writing. Rather than writing a coherent paragraph, he attempts to list ideas. Even when listing ideas, he made multiple grammatical and spelling errors. He never started with a capital letter or ended with a period. He was prompted to make corrections. For example, he was asked, …show more content…
However, when he writes on his own, his writing lacks meaning, correct use of grammar, organization and a good sequential order. As shown in his writing assessment, he is unable to write more than one paragraph and struggles to write one paragraph independently due to his struggles to come up with ideas and construct complete sentences. He needs to work on grammar, detail, organization, transitions and elaboration in his writings. For example, the writing assessment asked Isaac to write about someone or something that he was thankful for. He was first given a graphic organizer to complete and then needed to transfer it into paragraphs. Upon starting the graphic organizer, he initially was unable to provide an idea of something or someone he was thankful for. After providing him with choices of people or things that he could be thankful for, he was able to choose his dad. He was then asked why he was thankful for his dad and was unable to provide a response. He was then given a list of examples for why someone might be thankful for their parent’s. He eventually came up with the ideas; makes me food, he plays with me and he takes me places. Isaac was then asked to elaborate on each reason he listed to provide more detail. He was unable to come up with any ideas for “makes me food” and “he takes me places.” With prompting he was able to

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