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  • The Importance Of Communication Skills And Writing Skills

    In this world of 140 characters, instant messages, and emails possessing good business writing skills are still important. When email or other written communication is sent, it is out there for people to judge. Your correspondences not only reflect on you, but on your organization as well, so it’s essential to get it right. For my development goal, I decided to improve my written communication skills by completing several courses through our Judicial Online University (JOU). The eleven…

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  • Brown's Stages Of Syntactic And Morphological Development

    while other ideas believe there are external factors. This Essay illustrates and focuses on firstly Phonological (The way sound is stored in the mind, Sound is said), Syntactic (How language is used to combine words, sentences). Semantic (Understanding appropriate use of phrases, sentences, definition) and finally pragmatic development (social language including what is said, body language) and how it relates to nature…

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  • Sigall And Ostrove Theory Of Crime

    unattractive defendant, or defendant whose beauty was unknown and the second hypothesis being that if the crime involved using one’s beauty to persuade innocent victims (e.g., swindling), they expected beautiful defendants to receive longer (more harsh) sentences than the other two defendants. (Sigall, Ostrove 1975). After they ran their experiments the results proved that Signall and Ostrove hypothesis…

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  • Rhetorical Analysis Of Learning To Read By Malcolm X

    But now trying to write simple english, I not only wasn't articulate, I wasn't even functional” page (257). Malcolm X shows the side of him that someone else would have been embarrassed to divulge, but this proves that he wants us to know all the details of where he started in his life. He gives us the sense that it's okay we are all human, and should be comfortable with letting our struggles be known, to let others know where…

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  • Literary Analysis Of Ernest Hemingway's 'Death In The Afternoon'

    special moments he cherishes. He always stays writes by his one true sentence."From things that…

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  • What Are The Key Elements Of A Place Strategy

    My strategy is called PACE. Preview, Ask questions while reading (Bloom’s taxonomy style questions), column notes, and finally Elaborate the notes. Throughout my time in LTRE 190 I picked up on a few good strategies that I was good at and a few that I did not do so well on. Through that process I learned how I actually learn and how to become better at learning. My strategy device consist of strategies that worked well for me so I combined them. When a student uses PACE they are constantly…

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  • Denotation Of Love In Those Winter Sundays By Robert Hayden

    In the poem, “Those Winter Sundays”, Robert Hayden plays on various denotations of the word “office” to make clear that love often means taking on duties and responsibilities. The word appears in the last sentence of the poem and it’s ambiguous definition leaves the reader with room to interpret the word with various denotations: “What did I know, what did I know / of love’s austere and lonely offices?” (13-14). This ambiguity therefore holds a great deal of influence over the reading of the…

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  • Example Of Common Punctuation Mistakes

    Mistakes Aside from the usual spelling and grammar mistakes I unintentionally do when writing, I often incur punctuation mistakes too. Listed below are common punctuation mistakes which I often encounter. 1. The abused apostrophe Apostrophes while simple in form confuse many of its users. It would help to always remember that punctuation rules for an apostrophe first is to imply ownership; second is to turn possessive noun words that commonly end in “s” into their plural form by adding an…

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  • Alliteration In The Story Of An Hour By Kate Chopin

    The story of an hour is one of the most popular and classic stories of Kate Chopin who is recognized as one of the essential authors in American. The title The Story of an Hour signals the content is about the description of Louise Mallard one-hour life. The whole story introduces the woman Louise Mallard who spends the sorrowful time after hearing her husband’s death and notices that marriage which is dull in her life only imposes constraints on her and feels totally free after the death of her…

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  • Language And Cohesion In Language

    “refer to any written or taped record of a certain piece of communication”. The former is used to “refer to the piece of communication in context”. (Nunan, 1993, P. 20) In addition, discourse in linguistics, is a unit of language larger than a single sentence. More broadly, discourse is known as the use of spoken or written language in a social context. Furthermore, discourses need, by no means, be “grand” or large scale. (Gee, 2006, P. 22) To conclude, text is one among the different levels of…

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