Language And Cohesion In Language

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Firstly, text and discourse are two key terms in linguistics. From a linguistic perspective, the earlier is used to “refer to any written or taped record of a certain piece of communication”. The former is used to “refer to the piece of communication in context”. (Nunan, 1993, P. 20) In addition, discourse in linguistics, is a unit of language larger than a single sentence. More broadly, discourse is known as the use of spoken or written language in a social context. Furthermore, discourses need, by no means, be “grand” or large scale. (Gee, 2006, P. 22) To conclude, text is one among the different levels of language which is investigated according to a branch of language known as discourse analysis. Secondly, text analysis and discourse …show more content…
It sheds the light on the relation of meaning that exist within a text, and that determines it as a text. To illustrate, cohesion occurs where the interpretation of a certain element in the discourse is reliant on that of another. (Halliday, and Hasan 1976, P. 10-11) Cohesion originally has to do with the way information mention in speech. (Grimes, 1975, P. 295) To add, cohesion includes grouping of information blocks into larger units. (Grimes, 1975, P. 300) Notably that cohesion deals merely with the surface links between sentences and clauses of a text. Some forms of cohesion can be achieved through the grammar and others through the use of vocabulary. Therefore, cohesion is subtly divided into lexical cohesion and grammatical cohesion. Sixthly, lexical cohesion is a result from related vocabulary items occur across clauses and sentences boundaries in discourse. It is known as the role played by particular basic semantic relations between words in order to create textuality. (McCarthy, 1991, P. 65) To add, lexical cohesion is truly achieved by using the lexical links through a text. Notably that lexical cohesion occurs when two lexis in a text are semantically related in some way. In other words, lexical cohesion refers to relationships in meaning between lexical items in a text. (Paltridge, 2006, P.

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