Syntax In The Death Of Benny Paet By Norman Mailer

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Throughout literature, authors have used multiple literary devices to convey messages about their writings to the audience. From speeches and essays to poems and stories, literary devices have been used throughout multiple works of literature to emphasize the author’s points and provoke thought and feedback from the audience concerning the piece; by helping the readers appreciate, learn, analyze and understand pieces of literature more in depth. One literary device that attributes to this is syntax. Syntax- the way an author designs sentences to have an effect on the reader or listener- is used by authors to emphasize and highlight other literary elements such as metaphors, similes, and allusions. Using syntax, the author can effect a reader’s pace and attention given to a certain word or phrase by placing them strategically in a …show more content…
His writing techniques create a strong “argument” that declares Paret the hero throughout the story instead of Griffith and making Paret’s death becomes glorified and purposeful. Without the author’s use of these literary techniques, thesis may have not been portrayed nor explained, which may leave the reader feeling dazed and confused. By using syntax techniques, diction, imagery and tone to solidify the reader’s opinion on the essay, the author successfully aided the reader into understanding and analyzing the text the way the author intended. This is one of the many displays of the power of literary devices over an audience, as it not only helps us understand the text better, but also helps formulate opinions in life. Though it makes one wonder, if literary devices can persuade you into believing in the glorification of a club fighter that the reader barely knows is deserved, what other affects does literary devices have on the way one sees the

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