Sexual arousal

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  • Bianca And Tanner Case Study Essay

    Bianca and Tanner seem like the perfect couple. Bianca is a virtuoso, playing several instruments, and Tanner is athletic. Together they are just a hot, capable of resolving any problems together. Their sex life contributed a large part to their success. It was the envy of their friends, largely because they had no reservations with each other. Unfortunately, the pressures of life began affecting their relationship, even in bed. Bianca and Tanner alike as many couples, used sex as a coping…

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  • Infidelity In Relationships

    If couples embrace their sexual desires and identities, it would reduce infidelity. Discussion Relationships are not complicated! Not knowing your…

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  • Summary Of Junot Diaz's How To Date A Brown Girl

    varying times, two distinct groups of teens can be formed. Insiders, or those who have sexual experience, and outsiders, who have yet to engage in sexual activity. In Junot Diaz’s instruction manual “How to Date a Brown Girl (Black Girl, White Girl, or Halfie)”, the narrator Yunior, who is presumably a teenage Dominican boy, describes how to convince a girl to have sex. The manual explores the differences between sexual insiders and outsiders and describes…

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  • Erectile Dysfunction

    In marriages couples, can have an abundant of problems. These sexual problems typically are a result of abuse, guilt, and physical issues. These problems should be view with all seriousness, because this puts stress on the marriage. By being educated on this topic will help couples to understand one another, along with understanding the sexual gratification. When a partner is not aware of what a mate been through, this may lead to avoidance of sex or even connecting with your mate (Miles,…

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  • Hook Up Culture Summary

    The Los Angeles Times article, “Sexual assault on campus and the curse of the hookup culture,” discusses hooking up in college and how it can potentially lead to unwanted sexual encounters and sexual assault. Although casual sex can be difficult for some, like my interviewee in this discussion, I still believe there can be a misconception about it. In my opinion, sex is healthy for men and women and I feel like you don’t need to be in a committed relationship to enjoy it. Sex is a choice you…

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  • Theme Of Love In Brave New World

    conditioned to take a drug called Soma. Huxley portrays love as a deep, affectionate, long-term connection between two people, while lust is a sexual desire that comes from temporary and momentary feelings. Lenina expresses feelings of lust towards Bernard and John, but John and Bernard are capable of feeling something deeper that does not go away with sexual gratification. Huxley personifies the idea of lust through Lenina's actions and thoughts. Lenina hums, "Hug me till you drug me honey;…

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  • The Effects Of Pornography On Women

    degrading about sexual explicitness, to women or to anyone else, the perception of women has traditionally suffered. (Christensen) It is evident that the image of the nude woman’s body would be reduced to her uncovered body parts. This is sexual degradation to the female. The most prevalent theme in pornography is one of utter contempt for women. In movie after movie, women are raped, ejaculated on, urinated on, beaten, sodomized, and left permanently scarred. Pornography’s theme is sexual…

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  • Love And Sexuality Analysis

    achieve orgasm together. The history of love has shown us that “love” has transformed from just being marriage between a man and a women to now being a companionship between two people where you give and take equally. Sexuality, or the capacity to have sexual feelings is now seen to be achievable by both man and women, and through the history of love, whether that 's studying marriage, sex, or gender roles, we are able to gain an understanding of how sexuality has shifted over time. Susan Matt…

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  • Female Sexuality In James M. Cain's Mildred Pierce

    businesswoman, one who uses the men around her to raise herself to the top without any qualms. In the case of Mildred, however, maternal love overcomes sexual desire, causing Mildred to go back to the life that she always knew. Had Mildred perhaps been more accepting of the fact that Veda was not going to love her and continued her life of sexual and monetary freedom, she would have been a more powerful…

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  • Benefits Of Casual Sex

    their own sexuality and free from established sexual norms. With casual sex being so prevalent in society women should take advantage of the new found freedom. Women have been told since the beginning of time “that sex is this precious gift that is only to be given away in the most idyllic circumstances.” (Donato, 2012) This view of female sexuality is archaic and demeaning. Purely physical sexual relationships give women the opportunity to discover sexual depths that would not be explored…

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