Orgasm, Inc.: Film Analysis

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The documentary, Orgasm, Inc, discusses the evolution of “female dysfunction disorder” and how this had inevitably led to the medicalization of female sexuality. The filmmaker, Liz
Canner, begins by explaining how it was in the first place that she came about studying female sexual dysfunction “for nine years” and how this led her in making a documentary exposing the pharmaceutical companies’ roles in making profit by creating and defining the very diseases they
“claim” to be able to cure.
Canner was asked by the pharmaceutical company “Vivus,” to “put together erotic video for use during the testing of their new drug.” She explains how, because Vivus lost the fight against Viagra in creating the most widely popular used drug to treat male
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Canner demonstrates this fact by going to a school and asking young women what they were taught about sex and who taught them. The majority of them agreed that their sexual education mostly came from peers and that their elders strictly taught abstinence. Generations of women and men are sponges to media’s portrayals of sex and consider that as the normal because of a lack of sexual education. Canner interviews Carol Queen, founder and curator of “Good Vibrations,” and she admits that many women, old and young, come into her museum of vibrators inquiring exactly where their clitoris is. These pharmaceutical companies, therefore, take misleading data, like the 43%, and use it to conclude that there is a “problem,” then they define this problem as a disease. With the help of the media and the lack of sexual education among the American population, consumers believe this tale of normal difficulties being a disorder and they, therefore, spend money on these pills being sold by the very people defining the disease. This documentary succeeds in exposing this scam, and truly allows for women to understand that they are indeed normal, and that they are fine just the way they

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