Sexual arousal

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  • What Are The Benefits Of Being Mindful Essay

    How can mindfulness improve your sex life? Does being in the moment have a beneficial impact even on your sex life? Turns out that it does. Sex is catalyzed by the mind. Moreover, the mind masters the body. Therefore, when you are in control of your mind, you also have better experiences within your body. In the first place, what exactly is mindfulness? According to happiness researcher Dr. Raj Raghunathan from Indian School of Business, “all you're trying to do when you're trying to be…

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  • Pleasure In Aldous Huxley's Brave New World

    It may seem harmless or inconsequential to the viewer since it is intended for sexual pleasure, yet the audience fails to realize its damaging long term effects. Sex scenes portray youthful, attractive actors in unrealistic situations -- most of the time, of which are unethical and misleading -- and it is all made to look casual and…

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  • Orgasm Inc: Case Study

    the results of the misleading studies created a national demand for an unnecessary – and worse, ineffective – drug. In effect, the pharmaceutical company noted the results of a survey measuring women’s sexual satisfaction in their lives. The study interpreted an extremely wide range of normal sexual behaviors (such as “have you ever been unsatisfied during sex” and “have you ever been unable to reach orgasm during sex”) as being less than…

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  • Erlen Gulley And Rose Analysis

    Heterosexuality is enforced by the male characters throughout the text, but also reproduced in the attitudes of the women. Sexuality as a construct in this context refers to situations in which people speak either suggestively or overtly about sex and sexual situations. In the case of Erleen Gulley and Rose, speaking openly about sexuality creates an open dialogue between the two women that emulates a sort of camaraderie, a shared experience. This is most clear during their trips to the…

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  • Sexuality In Family

    project is a good opportunity for me to do a family tree about my family in regard to sexuality. At first, it seems like a tough and daunting task for me because I found it difficult to ask my parents and grandparents about things such as, sexual violence, sexual orientation and affairs, etc. However, as I get to know more about my family’s personal experiences when it comes to sexuality, I realized that there are a lot of things that I didn’t know before. Little did I know that my great-aunt…

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  • How Does Sexuality Change In Young Adulthood

    challenge young adults as they develop their sexuality (i.e., establishing sexual orientation, integrating love and sex, forging intimacy and making commitments, making fertility/childbearing decisions, practicing safer sex to protect against STIs, and enhancing a sexual philosophy). Establishing one’s sexual orientation is crucial in a young adulthood because it’s basically the start of your whole life. Once you figure out your sexual orientation whether it be heterosexual, gay, lesbian,…

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  • Cultural Intertextuality

    of the concepts under familiarity may include sharing. The richness of personal human relationship emanates from sharing. While sensuality mostly involves physical closeness, intimacy gives its stress on the emotional closeness . Another aspect of sexual intimacy would be lovingness . This way that one feels the striving and pleasure of the other person. It means expressing openness to the emotion that may be uncomfortable and or nor convenient. The possibility of an intimate relationship is…

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  • Compare And Contrast Goldman And Roger Scruton

    Sexual relationships are a very opinionated topic, Roger Scruton and Allan Goldman both describe them very different. You either believe that you can have sex with whoever you may please, or you may think there has to be love or some sort of connection for people to have sex with each other. Allan Goldman and Roger Scruton have two totally different point of views on sexual relationships. Goldman simply says that sex is plain sex, he separates sex from emotions. He said that sex is desire for…

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  • Anne Fausto-Sterling Dualisms Summary

    Anne Fausto-Sterling’s “Dueling Dualisms” explores the concept of gender and sex through society’s perspective. Fausto-Sterling initiates the selection by introducing readers to the story of Maria Patiño. Patiño who is a Spanish Olympic hurdler who was forced to have a sex test to prove her sexuality. She tested positive for being a male and was eventually “barred from competing on Spain’s Olympic team” (Fausto-Sterling, 4). Readers eventually learned that the reason why Patiño tested positive…

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  • The Importance Of Fusion In The Steven Universe

    way for two Gems to become one and gain strength, but they do so in a sacred, intimate, and physical way. Thinking about fusion in this way allows for the comparison of fusion to sex, and more importantly, allows for lessons on and discussions about sexual consent. Fusions appear quite often over the course of the show’s two seasons, but one of the most important instances of fusion is the discovery of forced fusions in one episode. All Gems shatter into shards when killed or “cracked”, and…

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