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  • Campus Sexual Assault Research Paper

    in sexual assault cases, but only with the victim’s consent. Even if the victim did choose to get the police involved in his or her case, would the police be able to solve it? Would the attacker be convicted? Research shows that less than three percent of rapists are actually convicted. Attorney Brandt-Young says “the accused student deserves a timely resolution, and these police investigations can literally go on for months or even years.” A study shows that most schools finish their sexual…

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  • Nine Hills To Namabonkaha Summary

    Fixing a Problem: AIDS The book Nine Hills to Nambonkaha covers a number of different elements that are present in Africa. It teaches the reader of what life is like in Ivory Coast; it portrays a picture far different than what we are used to as Americans. The book speaks of a resilient village called Nambonkaha; things are good in Nambonkaha, but certainly not perfect. The village is without, and therefore seeks, electricity and other basic commodities that we take for granted in the Unites…

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  • Lgbt Community Health Research Paper

    LGBT community is also targeted for sexual assault. A study completed by the Office for Victims of Crime has shown that 50 percent of transgender people have experienced sexual violence. It has also been shown that nearly 50 percent of lesbian and heterosexual women and nearly 75 percent of bisexual women have experienced sexual violence within their lifetime. 50 percent of bisexual men, 4 out of 10 gay men, and 1 in 6 heterosexual men have experienced sexual violence within their lifetime…

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  • On Date Rape Camille Paglia Summary

    An article on the San Francisco Examiner called “On Date Rape” by Camille Paglia, a humanities professor and cultural critic shares her opinion on today’s dating and rape. Paglia states that it was her generation in the 60’s that “broke the rules” and opened the doors for “freedom” for women. However, she claims that women of today do not acknowledge the risks for “freedom.” On the article, she displays countless of fallacies and weaknesses in reasoning, which might object her position as a…

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  • Sexual Education Case Study

    Without a doubt, the United States has laws dealing with sexual education and abortion. Why should the government hold laws that can’t be enforced? For example, a recent study has found that the abortion rate is the lowest it has been since its legalization in the Supreme Court 's 1973 Roe v. Wade decision (Harris). Roe v. Wade (1973), is a landmark decision by the United States Supreme Court on the issue of abortion. It was decided simultaneously with a companion case, Doe v. Bolton. Doe v.…

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  • Sexual Harassment Complaint

    Filing a Sexual Harassment Complaint The Dothan City School System includes a process for filing a sexual harassment complaint in their Personnel Board Policies under Section 5.14, sub - section(s) 5.14.3 and 5.14.4. Sexual harassment is recognized by the Dothan City Schools Board of Education (DCBOE) as a form of sexual discrimination which is prohibited by anyone connected to or representing the DCBOE. The system has both an informal and formal complaint process in place. The informal…

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  • Asexuality Classification Essay

    Individuals who identify as asexual have little to no interest in sexual activity. This sexuality seems to be very ignored, since our society is so heavily focused on sex it is hard for people to believe that there is a group of people who are not interested in partaking in sexual activities. This sexuality tends to be more person specific, asexuals are not as likely to care about genitals. Like bisexuality, this sexuality…

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  • Randolph Trumbach's Analysis

    essay, Sex, Gender and Sexual Identity in Modern Culture: Male Sodomy and Female Prostitution in Enlightenment London, questions why male sodomites and female prostitutes were awarded similar social status in this period. Trumbach investigates this question through an analysis of the effects that Enlightenment thought had on the gender/sex system. Trumbach utilizes police documentation, hospital manuscripts, written laws, and his own previous research concerning the sexual relationships between…

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  • In Support Of Same Sex Marriage

    for the same reasons that straight couples do. They just want the same opportunities as straight couples have such as the benefits of marriage including insurance, immigration, inheritance and money. When two people love each other, regardless of sexual orientation, they usually want to celebrate their love by uniting as one and having the law recognize their love for each other through marriage. Along with the giddiness of being legally married comes a few other benefits like sharing insurance…

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  • Cryptic Female Choice

    revolves around the mechanisms and social context of Cryptic Female Choice in Black Widow spiders. The chapter begins by introducing similar ideas to the previous chapter encompassing how difficult it is to distinguish between types of post-copulatory sexual selection, and Andrade and MacLeod suggest that the Latrodectus genus may be beneficial in understanding and determining the relationships between each hypothesis. A clear, well structured, and well-referenced introduction to the natural…

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