Personal Narrative: The Circles Of Sexuality

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The Circles of Sexuality
There are many different levels to be understood when it comes to sexuality, not only yours, but also your partner’s values, feelings, and attitudes towards sexuality. With so many different views towards sexuality, it is better to talk to your partner about how they feel on the subject without assuming you know. With learning about sexuality, intimacy, sexualization, sexual identity, and sexual health & reproduction, I feel more confident in knowing what I feel is important to me when it comes to these topics. Having a better understanding of these topics will help define a relationship from the start.
Body Image When it comes to how someone views their body, and how it impacts their sexuality, the emotional ranges can go from extremely low to extremely high. I have friends who to me
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It amazes me how different these two groups of people view themselves and others. If you take a person who I would classify as the ideal body shape and you begin to speak with them, you may be amazed how different they feel about themselves. Often times my friends would complain about their bodies not being tone enough, not having big enough breasts, butt, and/or their abdomen not being toned enough. I would look at them like what are you talking about, and they would be like you do not understand the pressures to maintain how we look. As if I was not just like them before my surgery. One of my friends will only have sex with all the lights off and the covers have to be completely covering her. She feels that her husband will be staring at the flaws she feels she has while they are having sex and will be disgusted by what he sees. Then there are my

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