Sexual arousal

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  • Human Distinction In Film

    “How about this one: you are simply a distinction—a meme—invented because it was convenient to talk about the parts of the universe that feel pain when hit with a hammer. To the universe, there’s no you . . . or human beings or giraffes or solar systems or galaxies. All those are human-invented distinctions. They are all memes.” Richard Brodie is the author of Viruses of the Mind and within this book he reveals what he believes is the truth about human life, and the root of our being. Two films…

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  • Benefits Of Social Aging

    Understanding your body is a key factor of finding what works best for you now will determine how great of a sex life you will have as an older aging adult. Sex as you age may call for some creativity. Nonetheless, many older people continue to have a healthy sexual relationship. Intimacy, particularly physical intimacy, can help prevent depression and improve self-esteem and physical…

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  • The Technology Of Orgasm Summary

    Maines’ argument is actually very convincing due to her first and last chapters being written phenomenally. This is important because in these chapters she presents her argument and also states all the evidence used to come to the conclusion that sexual dissatisfaction due to the androcentric model of sexuality has always been the main cause of women's mysterious symptoms classified under the broad all encompassing term of hysteria. Over all this book was a good read but would not be a strong…

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  • Sperm Persuasive Speech

    been discovered that guys with nice volumes of sperm are more sexually lively and are very good in bed. Now that the kind of guys that ladies are looking for, why don't you be one in all them? Yes, that you could now without problems broaden your sexual prowess. Read on to understand how. There are various knowledge strategies where increasing the fine and variety of your sperm is involved. Today, a number of pharmaceutical organizations have come forward with a broad kind of pharmaceutical…

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  • The Importance Of Personal Feelings

    This is easier said than done, especially when trapped feelings are about money or sexual dissatisfaction, because then, personality seeps in as a contaminant. Interfacing feelings, sex, and personality to define and measure love is an enormous task for those that dismiss human differences, and the widened gap between men and women, who…

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  • The Theme Of Sexuality And Passion In The Storm By Kate Chopin

    passion. During the 19th Century, women’s sexual desire was suppressed by the societal constraints; and also they were not allowed to take any decision about their sexual life. This story indicates how a woman, who was not happy with her marriage, tries to conform to the norms of the society by dedicating herself to domesticity and her married life. However, she transgresses the norms and customs of the society by finding another mean to fulfill her sexual aspiration. Moreover, the author seems…

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  • Symbolism In Oedipus The King

    their sexuality and its perversions define them. “[I]t is impossible to segregate the tyrant’s sexuality from his political power: each symbolizes the other. His notorious perversions (adultery, bigamy, rape, incest, sadism, necrophilia…) are the sexual manifestation of his extraordinary relation to the laws and norms of the polis.”[1] The tyrant wants more; their disordered desire means they are seen as eros incarnate[2]. No matter how much a tyrant has, he wants more. As a result, they are…

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  • One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest Theme Analysis

    away, and when they are given complete freedom. In this novel, the constant clash between masculinity and emasculation alludes to the theme that too little or too much sexual freedom can be harmful to anyone. At the start, Nurse Ratched, the head nurse of the mental institution, destroys the patients’ masculinity and their sexual freedom with her action and her strong use of words. Before Randle McMurphy had joined the institution, Nurse Ratched had a tight grip around the male patients, often…

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  • Michael Ondaatje The Time Around Markings Analysis

    This poem carries many sexual undertones which can be easily dissected. Evidently, the scars can be taken to signify the sexual encounters the two women have experienced. Seeing or thinking about the scars on his wife, the speaker is made to reminisce about the scar he left on his ex-lover long ago. He vividly recalls the incident…

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  • Judith Plaskow Good Sex Analysis

    patriarchal interpretation of biblical texts, but reformulated from positive strands of religious traditions and as envisioned by communities of resistance and transformations. Likewise, Patti Jung critiques the church’s failure in sanctifying mutual sexual…

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