Paraphilia Essay Introduction

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Paraphilias is derived from the Greek word “Para” which means around or beside and the word “Philia” which means love. A term coined in the early 1900’s to describe atypical sexual behaviors. It is described as an emotional disorder that are ascertained to be as sexually arousing fantasies, recurrent behaviors that interferes with social function and other important daily functioning. Regarded as a sexual dysfunction, people with paraphilic condition have intense sexual fantasies and they find it difficult to control sexual urges. Statistical quantity of individuals who experience such paraphilias is impossible to quantify for various reasons. Many individuals with such experience or disorder choose to keep it for themselves because
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Sexual fascination of highly specific body parts.
Pedophilia Sexual preference for prepubescent children
Sexual masochism Wanting to be humiliated, beaten, bound or otherwise made to suffer for sexual pleasure
Sexual sadism In which pain or humiliation of another person is sexually pleasing
Transvestic fetishism Arousal from clothing associated with members of the opposite sex
Not otherwise specified These include a variety of paraphilic behaviours such as: partialism; zoophilia(animals); necrophilia(corpses); klismaphilia; coprophilia; urophilia; infantilism; telephone scatologia(obscene phone
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C emphasized the importance of existence of DSM-5, that “the first task should be is “to get it right” with respect to diagnostic validity and then explore the practical needs in the forensic context within the framework set by validity considerations.” when changes were made to DSM-5 specifically to the paraphilia diagnostic criteria in a way relevant to forensic settings. Wakefield, J. C his reaction to its changes I think were leaning towards disappointment because of the possibilities it can fail. The New DSM-5 expanded its criteria of diagnosis but intern made itself open to weaker criteria that can result to a false positive diagnosis. The newly proposed categories along with the multiplevictims proposal were open to abuse by confusing criminal sexual acts with having a paraphilic disorder. Wakefield, J. C was hoping DSM workgroup would focus on understanding the nature of paraphilic disorders as its own and tackle the issue of forensic facilitation separately. So as there is a clear difference of evidence between what a genuine sexual paraphilia and a deviant sexual behavior and that is not due to generalize term of sexual

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