Vivus Case Study

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Vivus which means back to life in Latin, is the name of a company that is trying to create and distribute a “cure” for female sexual dysfunction. They originally produced and sold drugs to help men with erectile dysfunction and now they have moved on to drugs for female sexual dysfunction. The pharmaceutical company can’t make a drug for something that is not considered a disease or disorder, so Vivus pushes the idea that women’s lack of sexual arousal during sex like lack of lubrication, and lack of orgasm, is a sexual dysfunction that needs to be fixed. They push this idea so that they can sell their drugs and make a profit. When asked how female sexual dysfunction even came about or how it became considered a dysfunction, no one who worked …show more content…
Our society has found a way to turn every type of behavior into a disorder which enables and feeds the drug companies. The symptoms that define female sexual dysfunction like lack of orgasm, lubrication, etc. while having sex is actually a normal part of aging that doesn’t need a pill to fix it. Just like I mentioned above about drug companies taking advantage of women due to their lack of sex education, if women are told that they should orgasm every time they have sex, they will think they have a problem because they do not know that the way their body reacts is completely normal. There was a survey handed out by a drug company that was completed by women. The

survey asked yes or no question to certain statements about their sex drive and about their sex in general. If they checked yes to any of the questions, they were automatically put under the category of having female sexual dysfunction. This data was accumulated and the drug company came up with the statistic of 43% of women having female sexual dysfunction. In the documentary the assumption that by checking yes meant you had female sexual dysfunction, was refuted. In fact, those people who took the survey were considered perfectly normal, and the

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