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  • Summary: The Transition From Jail To Community

    based organization, jails, and probation to work together. The Transition from Jail to Community (TJC) is an initiative that helps the community transition. The goals of this transition is to improve public safety and increase the successful of offenders that are released in the community.This is a resource consuming process that needs interagency cooperation. This model first started in Douglas County, Kansas, and Denver Colorado and then went on to include Lacrosse County Wisconsin, Orange…

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  • To Kill A Mockingbird: Movie Analysis

    cannot say that I liked it. It was one of those movies that I feel was a one and done type of movie. I could honestly never watch it again. I do think it was good for me to watch because before I had seen this movie, I honestly thought that no sex offender should ever be released once caught. I know that that is a rough opinion to have, but this movie has positively changed my views about that. Walter has had a rough life. He was convicted child molester. He spend 12 years of his life in prison…

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  • Child Protection Observation

    1. Introduction The intervention observed was a newly qualified social worker chairing a core group at a health centre. The family were involved in a child protection process due to the father being prosecuted and placed on the sexual offenders register for having indecent images of children on his computer. He was alleged to have been grooming other children however no charges had been brought. The child who was the subject of child protection procedures was 3 months old. I had been asked to…

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  • Case Study: The Accidental Sex Offender

    According to “The Accidental Sex Offender” by Abigal Pesta, Frank Rodriguez, a 19 year old high school student from Caldwell Texas, had consensual sex with his high school sweetheart Nikki Prescott who was 16 years old. The crime was that she was underage. The couple had been together for nearly over a year. When they had sex they had no idea about the crime or consequences. The mother who found out report it Rodriguez to the authority’s because she worried that her daughter’s relationship with…

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  • Sex Offender Registry Research Paper

    the sex offender registry. Topic 1 In the state of Utah there are many things that can land you onto the state sex offender registry. For example, what can land you on the list for up to 10 years is: kidnapping, lewdness involving a child, voyeurism, unlawful sexual conduct with a 16 or 17 year-old, and aggravated human trafficking. These are just some things that only require a first time offense. While lewdness and sexual battery require 4 convictions before you are placed on the offender…

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  • Sex Offenders In Prison Case Study

    sophisticated crimes such as bank robberies tend to rank up higher, and those with simple theft or lower offenses get the bottom placement (Zoukis, 2013). However, sex offenders are so undesirable many hide their conviction while incarcerated or try and claim another type of crime for the reason they are incarcerated. Sex offenders will typically find themselves in very undesirable positions. Here the ADA will most likely be called names, and the more extreme situations he will be robbed,…

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  • Essay On Sexual Offender List

    7 million people are victims of sexual assault, along with that about 300,000 women get raped per year. A sexual offender list was created for just officials to be able to know who has committed a sexual crime. However, because of certain cases the sexual offender list was made public in 1995. Megan’s Law states that the authorities must inform all communities about where a sex offender lives. This law also allowed the public to view the offender’s picture, name, address, and the description of…

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  • Childhood Sexual Abuse

    society in general faces when dealing with the aftermath of child sexual abuse is: whether the victim is doomed to be maladjusted and grow up to be an adult sexual offender?, it is a fact that at least 30% of adult sex offenders were sexually abused as children and/or teens, (Myths and Facts about Sex Offenders). Most sexual offenders have no history of being sexually victimized as a child, which is good news, which means the prevalence for sexual deviancy does not originate solely from victims…

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  • Megan Kanka Research Paper

    Megan’s parents to demand a change within our judicial system. The Kanka family pushed legislatures to change the laws for sexual offenders, requiring all sex…

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  • Antwone Fisher Film Analysis

    A sex offender is a person who is convicted of a sexual offense. When people hear the word sex offender they often think of terms like, monster, scumbag, pervert, death penalty and man. However, you will not once hear the word women. Female sex offenders are a taboo topic in American society. That doesn’t mean it isn’t a real and common offense. Female Pedophile and Antwone Fisher bring to light the dark truth hidden behind the red tape and subject avoidance. Sex offending is not just a man’s…

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