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  • Restorative Criminal Justice Essay

    ). Rather than heavily relying on the law, restorative justice allows people, including victim, offender, affected members of community to engage in search of possible solutions that promote reconciliation, rebuilding, and repair of relationships(Gibert et al, 2013). Thus, general goal of the restorative justice is to repair, restore, rebuild the relationship between not only the victim and offender but including every individual in our…

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  • Arguments Against Sex Criminals

    Sex offenders of all kinds are predators to their prey. Sexual assault is not a crime of sex but a crime of violence and control. The offender is looking to control their victims either by force and intimidation. It is unknown exactly what causes these offenders to commit these heinous acts against women, men and children of all ages, but whatever reasons or fantasies they have, it is evident they cannot be controlled. The controversial argument is whether or not the states have a legal right to…

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  • Sexual Crimes Against Women

    physical control over sex offenders, both by means of significantly enhanced prison terms, and the resurrection of dormant provision allowing involuntary civil commitment” (Wall, 1997; Brackel & Cavanaugh, 2000 in Wayne). These institution-based approaches were unsuccessful in fully addressing the public’s concerns and safety.…

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  • Sexual Victimization

    Legislative Impact on Victims and Offenders of Sexual Victimization Legislator’s goals to combat sexual practices are focused on informing the public of the threat it poses on the safety and health of victims. Meloy, Curtis, & Boatwright (2013) stated, making citizens aware of “who is a potential threat and to make sure that the law enforcement know whom the offenders are and how to find them and be able to keep an eye on them” is a fundamental way to ensure public safety. Legislators…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Rehabilitative And Treatment Programs

    rehabilitate those who have wronged. Treating offenders with humanity and giving them the opportunities to right their wrongs will help their futures as reentered civilians. Some highly influential programs are work release programs, sex offender management programs, and shock incarceration programs. Work release programs are great ways for offenders to slowly reenter into society and be reminded how to be a responsible and independent employee. Sex offender management programs, also…

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  • Juvenile Sex Offenders Essay

    History of Juvenile Sex Offender In order to fully understand the current wave of sex offender legislation in the United States, it is important we take a look at the origin and evolution of these laws and examine the influences that created the current structure of sex offender legislation. The influences and forces driving current sex offender legislation is not merely a product of any single event in history or any single force in our culture. The current prominence of sex offender laws in…

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  • Paradox Of Probation

    clients besides my mentally ill ones. I can say that for sex offenders, I would know to be very strict with them and the same as the DV offenders (domestic violence). If I had my own caseload, and I was the officer for sex offenders or DV clients, I definitely know that my mind would differ and maybe, I would at different. I say act different because with some of my clients, I sometimes feel sorry for them, but I know if I had DV or sex offenders, I wouldn 't. I wouldn’t because it was very…

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  • Social Therapy Case Study

    Introduction Ian is an eighteen year old male, referred by the Juvenile Justice system for therapeutic counseling due to his conviction as a sexual offender. As a social worker reading Ian case file, Ian’s case history starts after his mother’s death when he was five-years old. Ian’s sister and her husband moved into the family home to assist Ian’s father with his care. While in the home, Ian’s brother-n-law murdered his 18-month old daughter, Ian’s niece. Ian mistakenly confessed to the…

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  • Juveniles As Sex Offenders Essay

    to label a juvenile as a sex offender is not an easy question to answer. Many states treat juveniles differently than adults, Edwards (n.d.) stated: With a steadfast focus on rehabilitation and confidentiality, the justice system has sought to preserve the premise that juvenile offenders are not miniature adults. But Edwards goes on to say: Yet, when a juvenile is adjudicated on a sex offense, Oregon makes no meaningful distinction between an adult and juvenile offender therefore juveniles must…

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  • Informal Content Analysis

    California and Florida, when someone commits a sex crime, they are put on the registry forever. The point of the registry is for the public to see if anyone potentially dangerous is living among them. Schaffer explains in her article that the idea of being put on the sex registry for life has become a big debate whether it is ethical or not. Many advocates believe it is necessary to ensure the safety of their families. They also feel it will help keep these offenders in line since they know the…

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