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  • Megan's Law And Recidivism

    program in the United States of America that is aimed at deterring the rate of recidivism for offenders who have been convicted of child-related offences. The essay will argue that the theoretical basis is inadequate to achieve the desired result due to the lack of focus on offenders and the negative consequences that all offenders encounter. In July 1994, Jesse Timmendequas, a twice convicted sex offender was charged for the rape and murder of Megan Kanke, a seven-year-old girl who resided in…

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  • Montana Research Paper

    The ICAC task force program was founded in order to help State and local law enforcement agencies enhance investigations concerning offenders who use the Internet, Social Media, or other computer technology to sexually exploit children. The program is currently made of 59 regional task force agencies and funded by the US Department of Justice, Office Of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency…

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  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Restorative Justice Conferencing

    recommendation for future practice. Restorative justice is a framework that recognises accountability and the need to repair harm caused to victims and communities impacted by crime. It is a reform that seeks to engage all parties such as (victims, offenders, both their families or support persons, police officer and the facilitator) comes together to discuss the offence, its impact and what should be done to repair the harm, and resolve…

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  • Adam Walsh Act

    faces. You will also be able to identify the rationale behind the Walsh Act. This topic was of most interest to me, being a victim of a sex crime I wanted to research and form an opinion. I want to know if the Walsh Act was truly seeking justice for the victims, or if this was another loop hole in the already complicated Criminal Justice system. Keywords: sex offenders; Adam…

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  • Benefits And Consequences Of Vigilante Justice

    In the world, we have countless amounts of different society’s, cultures, and morals. With so many different ways of thinking, who is to decide which way is right and which way is wrong? One culture, could deem that having sex out of wedlock is incredibly taboo, find out a couple that is from a different culture does not see it as a bad thing. With one person finding it’s wrong, they could go and kill this couple just because he finds it wrong, even though the couple could…

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  • Reflection On Group Observation

    was a positive one. It was very interesting to talk to the members and hear their sides of the story. They truly are just human beings and I believe that meeting with them and having an opportunity to talk to them has somewhat changed my view of sex offenders overall. Though I am still confused by their behaviors, which is somewhat difficult to overcome, but I am more understanding of who they are because they are only human and they know they have made a mistake. The men we interviewed were…

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  • Pornography And Aggression

    Research collected evidence from many studies to investigate the relationship between pornography and its harmful effect on human behavior and attitude. Method The three primary source of proof includes criminal statistics, use of pornography by sex offenders, and laboratory experiments and studies. The first evidence is a Criminal statistic, which examined the pattern of pornography consumption and the distribution of rape and sexual assault. Studies used the longitudinal analyses to observe…

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  • Community Notification Definition

    Discuss how registration and community notification impact sex offenders and the community. Lasher and McGrath (2012) define registration as “the process of filing sex offenders’ identifying information with local law enforcement” whereas notification is defined as “how this information is released to the public” (p. 7). Identifying information includes such things as address, a current picture, and sexual offending history, whereas notification includes such things as having community meetings…

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  • Case Study Incarceration In Australia

    What is ‘prisonization?’ Do all inmates ‘complete the process of prisonization?’ (4 marks) Prisonzation refers to socialization that occurs in prison to draw the offender away from the values and norms of the community into an antisocial mindset. Not all inmates ‘complete the process of prisonization. A number of factors influence the degree to which an inmate is prisonized, they include age, education background…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Pedophilia

    A sex offending is the commission of acts of a sexual nature against an individual without consent. When we think of Sex offending, we think of a child molesters but this term basically refers to anyone committing any sexual offense. There are many types of sex offenders and these may include those who commit offences against children, adults or even offenders who commit sexual murders. According to Palermo and Farkas, “sexual offenders belong to the group of paraphilias which is comprised of…

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