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  • The Hard Goodbye Film Analysis

    Frank Miller's Sin City: The Hard Goodbye tells the story of Marv, a psychotic, disfigured, ex-military killer living in a decadent and corrupt city. Marv is framed for the murder of beautiful prostitute Goldie, and feeling a connection with her though they only shared one night together, Marv goes on a search for her killer. Marv is both hunter and hunted as he traces the murder up through Sin City to a corrupt cardinal and a cannibalistic serial killer preying on the city's prostitutes. Marv…

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  • The History Of Criminal Profiling

    race of their killer. “Among 53 (54.6 per cent) white female victims, 46 (47.4 per cent) were attacked by white males and 7 (7.2 per cent) by nonwhite males. Among 31 (32.0 per cent) black female victims, 22 (22.7 per cent) were attacked by black offenders and 9 (9.3 per cent) by white perpetrators. One Asian female (1.0 per cent) and 12 (12.4 per cent) white males were the victims of white serial killers.”(222). This shows that on average, the killer is the same race as their victims and that…

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  • Essay On Offender Profiling

    demonstrated that inaccurate offender profiles discourage the police to arrest the offenders. Next, Craig (2014) introduced that offender profiling is a type of technique in the police investigation. Currently, profiling becomes a prioritized tool of solving a serial offender case. Additionally, serial murder cases mean that the police must fit a particular suspect in a large amount of suspects. However, if offender profiling is confounded, it is quite difficult to conform offenders. The current…

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  • Criminal Profiling And Forensic Psychology

    Profiling simply defines the use of information from the crime scene to describe the offender’s behaviour while committing the act of crime. (Criminal Psychology: A Beginner’s Guide, p. 6 to 7) Criminal profiling or offender profiling is one of the used techniques in identifying a criminal in several cases besides scouring for physical evidences like blood, murder weapons, and many more. It has already been used in various scenarios when it comes to solving cases pertaining…

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  • Essay On Criminal Psychology

    Criminal Psychology Introduction: Criminal psychology is the study of the intentions and behaviours of criminals. Criminologists apply psychology to crime in order for them to uncover the criminals reasoning for committing the crime. This is not a job that many people know about but I believe that it is a very important job so that the police and other agencies have information about what and who they are dealing with. I had a short limited amount of prior knowledge about this topic but from…

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  • Profiling: Serial Killers

    A 1997 report, “Validity, Utility, and Ethics of Profiling for Serial Violent and Sexual Offenders,” shows that the FBI also made this case nearly two decades ago, reporting success rates “in excess of 80 percent” (Wilson, Lincoln, and Kocsis, 1997). However, the FBI’s claims are inflated. In reality, Pinizzotto’s 1984 study shows that, out of 192 offender profile requests, only 46 percent were found useful to the investigation. Further more, profiling only aided in identifying…

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  • Analysis Of Inside The Mind Of Serial Killers: Why They Kill

    Serial Killers are not an anomaly in history, they have existed as far back in history as B.C.E. their charming personalities and intelligence helped prevent detection and make significant stains in history, and the lack of evidence of actual disappearances or sudden deaths of people. In the book “Inside the Mind of Serial Killers: Why they Kill” by Katherine Ramsland states one of the first serial murders in history ever recorded was in 54 A.D., Locusta a female poisoner hired to put Nero on…

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  • Dennis Rader Case Study

    Ten people in the Wichita, Kansas area between the years 1974 and 1991 were brutally murdered by Dennis Lynn Rader a.k.a the BTK Strangler. After years of fear and horror the BTK Strangler was identified and captured by police. This would not have been possible if the police investigating murders in the area were unable to connect the killings, create a profile of the killer, and then use that information to build evidence against Dennis Rader. The first and arguably the most important step in…

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  • Homicide In Psychology

    analysis due to the similarities the offender leaves in each scene or on the victim. Secondly, there is Personation or otherwise known as a signature, it is the unusual behavior done by the serial killer that is unnecessary to commit the crime. Furthermore, the serial killer’s signature behavior may reveal their psychological or emotional needs, and a reflection of an underlying personality, lifestyle and developmental experiences. Signatures of the offender are unique which makes the hunt more…

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  • Ted Bundy Myth

    Theodore Robert Bundy or widely known as Ted Bundy was a notorious serial killer in the 1970s, in which he raped and murdered young women in several states. Report states that his murder episodes begin in the 1975 when he moved away from his home to Salt Lake City (McCall, 1980). It is said that he lured young women into his car before driving to a secluded place, he will raped them before beating them to death (McCall, 1980). His victims were usually young women from ordinary household (Gehrke,…

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