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  • A Trip To Dracula-Personal Narrative

    The journey began at Aberdeen railway station at seven fifty two A.M. on a grim, murky, and wet Saturday. I boarded the train for York, a pungent odour of fried food engulfed my senses. It made me feel nauseous, great start ! I wished I was back home with all it's familiarity and the delicious smell of my mum’s highly scented candles. Eventually later that day I arrived in Grimsby, I thought the day could not get any worse; I was confronted by the same bleak and grey weather i had left behind in Aberdeen. The town seemed desolate and wretched, a few old people trudged out of the station looking miserable. There was barely a soul in the small old fishing town where this new life experience was too begin. However I gathered up my luggage and tried extremely hard to gather enthusiasm for the trip ahead. TS Royalist in all it’s glory, was waiting for its next set of shipmates to arrive. I was one of the last onto the boat, being late was becoming an extremely bad habit of mine! I captured glares and scowls from several people as I jumped inside the ship. I started to make conversation with my fellow cadets, all teenagers, I am pretty shy and introverted when meeting new people and I found this very hard work. No one had any idea how relationships would develop by living together in a enclosed and claustrophobic space for twenty four hours of the day. Nevertheless the small talk had begun, discovering where we all came from: England, Northern Ireland and of course Scotland. By…

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  • Persuasive Essay On Cruise Vacation

    You are getting ready for your much anticipated cruise vacation. The best way to maximize your cruise travel is to have some of these cruise tips about the little things you should know. Many cruisers have questions about phoning home, seasickness, laundry facilities, and photography while on their cruise vacation. These are not big items that should concern you during your cruise travel but helpful hints nonetheless. Phoning home always gives one peace of mind when they are on vacation. It is…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Personal Experience Of Water

    We are wet, cold, and scared. The choppy water making us all feel sick. I clench my stomach trying to hold down the seasickness. I can see the others are trying to as well but Diehl and Ricker are unsuccessful. I can smell the powder in the air mixed with the saltwater. My stomach drops with each whooshing sound of a bomb going off. Water keeps coming over the sides, drenching us even more. I couldn’t sleep last night, my mind constantly going back to Thanksgiving. For the first time in years my…

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  • Personal Narrative: A Personal Experience On The Beach

    I felt humiliated at having ruined my family trip. However, soon more people started getting seasick, and even the guy next to me got ill and disappeared for a while. Although dad, brother, and grandfather each caught one fish, my brother caught the only fish we could keep to eat. Eventually, my dad and brother fell ill as well, although neither of them was as sick as me. This made me feel a little better, seeing as misery loves company. After four hours of torturous seasickness, our trip came…

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  • Essay On Symbolism In Life Of Pi

    to safety that one will make when exposed to the objects keeping Pi alive while on the lifeboat, the universal appearance of the colour orange is also indicative of Pi returning to safety in the future. Along with the various coloured objects that Pi comes into contact with, are several different animals that present themselves within the novel. Excluding Richard Parker, the first animal that Pi sees bearing the colour orange is Orange Juice the orangutan. Despite not heavily impacting Pi in…

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  • Mary Rowlandson's Of Plymouth Plantation

    and settled in the new world with a sense of appreciation. In William Bradford’s short story, “Of Plymouth Plantation,” Bradford details the arrival and settlement of the Pilgrims in Plymouth, Massachusetts. Traveling to the new land, the Pilgrims set out to be a figure the rest of the world could look up to because of their religious freedom and strong community. In order to become that figure, the Pilgrims had to work hard and deal with many harsh factors such as “being infected with the…

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  • SCUBA Diving

    One hazard that can occur is seasickness. Seasickness is caused by the constant commotion of waves. If this occurs, a diver gets an extreme feeling of nauseousness (Berger 117). A couple hazards that arise to a divers body are hyperthermia and dehydration. Hyperthermia is understood to lead to heat stroke and takes place when a divers body cannot keep body heat regulated. Dehydration occurs when more water is lost through activity than is taken in (Berger 119). Two hazards that come from…

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  • Women's Roles In Colonial America Analysis

    Smith is really the only author to really discuss, in depth, the integration process into colonial life and other religious sects. While it seems like something that could be assumed, Smith discusses the perils of the boat ride to America, especially the seasickness. She also discusses women outside of those who were Protestant or Quaker. Other authors address the Quakers as the alternate woman to the Protestant woman, but Smith is the first to really address the other religious sects that made…

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  • Early American Feminism: Hannah Webster Foster And Susanna Rowson

    her novel and also writes in a style to give the reader no hope for Charlotte. An example of hopelessness being portrayed for Charlotte is when Rowson writes, “And am I indeed fallen so low, as to be only pitied? Will the voice of approbation no more meet my ear? And shall I never again possess a friend, whose face will wear a smile of joy whenever I approach?” (Rowson 65). Rowson makes her character believe she is only an object of pity early on in the novel giving the character a hopeless…

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  • Summary Of Yann Martel's 'Life Of Pi'

    biggest role not only in Pi’s survival, but in the real meaning of life. This passage is a similar story with other chapters in the book. First, when Pi is in the ocean, he prays regularly. This provides him with support, and he feels a connection with God, and this makes his time go fast. For example, Pi doesn’t have to church, mosque, and temple to pray his prayer, but he can practice his religion from the ocean. He prayed more than he needs and his faith toward God increase constantly and…

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