A Trip To Dracula-Personal Narrative

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The journey began at Aberdeen railway station at seven fifty two A.M. on a grim, murky, and wet
Saturday. I boarded the train for York, a pungent odour of fried food engulfed my senses. It made me feel nauseous, great start ! I wished I was back home with all it's familiarity and the delicious smell of my mum’s highly scented candles.
Eventually later that day I arrived in Grimsby, I thought the day could not get any worse; I was confronted by the same bleak and grey weather i had left behind in Aberdeen. The town seemed desolate and wretched, a few old people trudged out of the station looking miserable. There was barely a soul in the small old fishing town where this new life experience was too begin. However I gathered up my luggage and tried extremely
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I began to feel incredible respect for our Royal Navy, how did they cope with this week after week. Slowly coming towards the small town of Whitby, I spotted the ancient ruins of Whitby Abbey which looked creepy and foreboding, I can now understand why it inspired the creation of Dracula by Bram Stoker a favourite book which I had read numerous time. When we docked, the scent of freshly cooked haddock and chips surrounded every street, but the first place most people sprinted towards was
The Co-operative, for a fresh supply of chocolate.
The work aboard was relentless and unyielding but it did not dampen our spirits. The night we completed Anchor Watch stretched my stamina to the limit. Our Watch stretched until four am, after working a full day onboard. We fought our lack of sleep and stayed attentive by singing, telling jokes, anything which would keep us awake.
Every evening our relationships and understanding of each other's idiosyncrasies grew stronger and clearer, who cared if we were sea sick or the ports of call were dreary. The pinnacle of this trip was the friendships I had made. We shared secrets and stories, stayed awake all night,

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