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  • Situation Analysis: The Celtics

    The Celtics are poised for their best season since the post “Big Three” era and according to Vegas odds they are expected to be the second best team in the East with fifty-one wins. A lot of commentators of the NBA would have you believe that they are in an enviable position with their stockpile of draft picks and young players. The signing of Al Horford seems to be a turning point in the rebuilding of the Celtics by acquiring the four time NBA all-star they finally added some legitimacy to their title hopes. But there are still a lot of questions for the Celtics throughout the season. Although I think most people would agree that the signing of Al Horford was good it could end up have some unforeseen consequences. Horford is a thirty-year-old center at the end of his prime with a max contract throughout the next four years. The Celtics sole all-star of last season Isaiah Thomas’s contract expires at the end of the 2017-2018 season and he is expecting the Celtics to “bring out the brink trucks” as he said. So at the end of that season they will most likely be tied up with two max contracts. So theoretically in the 2017-2018 season the Celtics will have a five foot seven offensive minded point guard (who I am not sure you can win a championship with) and a 32-year-old center for a combined sixty million dollars. Now we need to take into consideration the expiring contracts of Avery Bradley, Marcus Smart, and Kelly Olynyk over the next two seasons. Each of these players will…

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  • Brief Summary: The Voyage Of Christopher Columbus

    had established arrangements and traveled Hispaniola’s islands, Cuba, and Jamaica. The natives were captured by the settlers and were forced to work on the farms. • A huge sun that was composed of gold is what the Spaniard’s main focus was on. The Spaniards thought that, through Montezuma, they could take over the Mexican domain. Montezuma was killed when Tenochtitlan rebelled a couple of months after. • Cortes, as well as his very own troops, in 1520, bailed out, and gold was stolen. He…

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