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  • Brain Drain Questionnaire

    1. What do you think the expression ‘brain drain’ implies? Answer: Brain Drain according to me is the immigration of talented and inspired individuals in the form of doctors, engineers, scientists, architects, educators and other technically qualified and well-educated people from an undeveloped and underdeveloped country to more developed country or a state. It’s a situation in which well-trained professionals leave their place of work or profession in search of a better pay and living…

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  • The Kalman Filter: Theory Of The Estression Theory

    1.6 Kalman Filter The triplets of change capture and correct forms the conceptual basis for the Kalman filter and it can be stated as follows: Change + Capture =.>Correct The ‘+’ sign above has a deep significance in the way the present and the new information are combined to have progress in the correct direction based on an appropriate criterion. The origin of such a global Kalman filter in Estimation Theory can be traced since ancient times. Its progress is similar to any physical theory…

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  • The Importance Of The Mind In The Ta Quran

    The mind is the most wonderful gift God has ever given to man because with only the mind that we can trust to Allah and we can reach the please of Him The core of science is the mind - just like a baby to the mother. What makes man different from the other living or non-living creature in this world and make man achieve a higher level than of others is the mind. The kalimah in the Qur’an such as “do they not look?”, “think!”, “do they not ponder?” and a lot more shows that the Qur’an lead man…

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  • Relationship Between Technology And Social Change

    Technology and Social Change Technology refers to the application of science for the purpose of accomplishing various tasks in daily life. It is a field that extends the abilities of humans and makes them a significant part of the technological system. The efficient application of technology results in various benefits for humans, while its misuse may cause devastation. One of the best examples of technology is the evolution of the Internet, which has revolutionized the way people communicate,…

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  • Nature And Technology: The Relationship Between Technology And Nature

    ESSAY This essay will debate whether technology and nature are, in fact, binary opposites or if they have a more closely related relationship. I will discuss the various meanings of “nature” and “technology” by referring to Cox (1989:7-12), Arthur (2009:203-15), Dusek(2006:). I will also use other sources to argue their relationship. In conjunction, I will discuss an interactive art project and how it could suggest that technology can or cannot be an extension of us as humans. I will attempt to…

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  • Space Animal Analysis

    in space, and possible in the future space travel. The way the article is effective credibility wise is because the article states its sources and the author of the main work the article is on is very well known and has done many previous works in science especially biology related experiments which is which the topic of this article is on. This article is also very effective in pathos because the article shows that space travel and living in space is possible in the future and this can make…

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  • Designing Effective Science Instruction

    Tweed, A, in “ Designing Effective Science Instruction”, Science teachers should be more effective when planning and implementing science content by focusing on some important strategies in order to provide students with meaningful opportunities and refine their science understandings in authentic contexts. One of these important strategies is an engaging student in scientific inquiry. Many science educators think that inquiry-based instruction leads to better science understandings and…

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  • Informative Essay: Can Science Go Too Far?

    Though science has overcome many explorations that impact our world and society, it does include some limitations that are regulated. For example , money plays a huge role for budgeting all of the experiments that allow scientist to gather more information that could possibly be used for future inventions or solutions. The expenses going towards NASA’s “Mars 2020 Mission” are regulated by the President, who he has proposed $17.46 billion for the year of 2015. With that said, the incredible…

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  • DBQ: The Scientific Revolution

    Governments also wanted the sciences to flourish to be able to advance their countries and become more wealthy, so they established academies for scientists to be able to teach others and have all the necessary equipment to make their observations and experiments. Jean-Baptiste Colbert, the French finance minister under Louis XIV wrote in a letter, “Because the splendor and happiness of the State consists….in displaying at home an abundance of wealth and in causing the arts and sciences to…

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  • The Diversity Of Life Edward Wilson Analysis

    in a migratory animal: breeding-season habitat loss drives population declines of monarch butterflies,” hypothesize the causes of butterfly population loss. While Wilson’s purpose is to discuss science in a narrative manner to provide reading for pleasure, Flockhart et al.’s purpose is to discuss science in an informative manner to advance scientific research. Wilson adopts an admiring tone in order to encourage complete fascination with a plethora of scientific topics. Flockhart et al. uses a…

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