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  • Rosie The Riveter Picture Analysis

    the most iconic image of women in the workforce during the war. The “We Can Do It!” propaganda photograph, often referred to as the Rosie the Riveter picture is iconic in the transition of women into the paid industrial workforce during the second World War. The main character acted as an icon during the 1940s by representing wen in the wartime workforce. Today, Rosie is known as means of representing the feminist movement through both social and historical contexts for inequality. A freelance…

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  • Rosie The Riveter Analysis

    Rosie the Riveter a Visual Icon of feminism Born as a propaganda tool during World War II Rosie the Riveter has become an iconic visual representation of feminism that still resonates today. Rosie’s bold and memorable statement of “We Can Do It” encouraged women of the era to challenge industry thought and norms along the lines of political, social and economic equality. The image of a strong and determined Rosie inspired the new working woman entering the workforce for the first time in…

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