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  • Personal Narrative: My Trip To Shark Reef Aquarium

    Minh Hoang Professor Kody Lightfoot English 100 On Sunday last week, I went to Shark Reef Aquarium for the 1st. Actually, this is a coincidence because I did not intend to go to Shark Reef Aquarium. On that day, my uncle invited my father to Madalay Bay Casino to play gamble; he also brought his three kids and I became a supervisor to watch his kids while he and my father was playing gamble. I’m really felt bore; I saw many Aquarium and thought Shank Reef Aquarium would be same. But after visited it, my opinion was changed. To start visit Shank Reed Aquarium I must buy ticket; it cost 15$ for me because I was resident in Nevada State and for the guest from $22-25. I think the price is fair, even cheaper than others aquarium in others state,…

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  • Fishkeeping Vs. Saltwater Aquariums

    At first glance, the fishkeeping hobby may not seem complex. It can be both fun and satisfying to own an aquarium for people of all ages, especially those that generally enjoy animals. However, aquariums are essentially small, delicate ecosystems. Beginners have the option to explore either freshwater or saltwater aquariums. Each type comes with its own benefits and downfalls, though many find replicating an ocean, as is the case with saltwater aquariums, to be significantly more difficult than…

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  • Saltwater Aquarium Essay

    Saltwater aquariums can be quite exquisite, however, there is much to know before planning on setting up a saltwater aquarium in your home. There are many major factors that need to be taken into consideration before jumping into a long-term commitment with a saltwater aquarium of your own, such as tank size, decorations, and the different filtration systems, the many environmental factors that need to be monitored to guarantee a healthy habitat, the necessary lighting, the nitrogen cycle, and…

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  • Case Study: Spectrum Brands

    Spectrum Brands, Inc. Marineland Spectrum Brands, Inc. as a whole has many different brands. These brands consist of appliances, batteries, hardware, home improvement, home, garden, pet care, and auto divisions. Their pet care division alone consists of nine different brands. These brands cover aquatics, dogs, cats, and birds. Some of their products include aquariums, lights, chemicals, food, grooming tools, odor eliminators, and feeders. Therefore; this will mainly focus on one of their…

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  • The Importance Of Making Modern Floor Lights

    How to make modern floor lamps more decorative? Description: You can now implement different new creative ideas for making the look of modern floor lamps more attractive. You can either develop these ideas of your own or can derive the same from other sources. If you want to change the look of your house by adding great an updating feature, then nothing can be the best option other than installing modern floor lamps. These kinds of lamps are mostly equipped with outstanding contemporary designs…

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  • UCO Reflection Essay

    (Effortless Aquaria) Scientists at the National Marine Aquarium recently studied how one of the exhibits was affecting the people viewing it. The peoples heart rates as well as blood pressure dropped as more fish were added and the people also reported having better moods after viewing the exhibit. (Gebelhoff) These benefits will help our students a lot as they may be preparing for a big test or for a presentation they may have that day. Costs/Timeline When I contacted the company for a price…

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  • Minnow Fish Lab

    What is the effect of water temperature on a minnows lifespan? Purpose The purpose of this report is to see the effects of the change in water temperature to a minnow fishes behavior and how long it lives. Background When the temperature of water increases, the amount of dissolved oxygen and other gases will decrease, making it harder for aquatic life to survive. This means, colder waters can hold more dissolved oxygen than warmer waters. But fish thrive in different temperatures. While some…

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  • Octopus Essay

    8 paragraphs that describe the book of octopuses Octopuses are considered the world’s smartest invertebrate, which is one of the reasons that sparked Sy Montgomery’s interest in the animals. As a naturalist and author, she decided to explore the world of the octopus and describe her journey in her book “Soul of an Octopus”. Montgomery describes her journey from the beginning, giving readers facts and information about these interesting invertebrates, and describing how she developed a strong…

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  • Betta Fish Research Paper

    's a nice feeling to have betta fish for pet, and steps on how to care for betta fish is very much interesting topic to discuss. They truly can relieve work stress and even anxieties. Of course, who can resist from its flashy color, flaunting tails and alluring appeal? Betta fish is a tropical fish originally came from Asia. They come in different varieties and breed. Since they are freshwater fish, they are more likely to be placed in a small fish bowls or in a larger aquarium. They look…

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  • The Malchance Brothers: A Short Story

    The Malchance Brothers “Get up. It 's time for school!” yelled Mrs.Malchance. One of the two 13-year-old short and frail brothers named Nathan prepared to get out of bed, until he realized that he was already out of bed on the floor face down. He had rolled over off their bed in his sleep. The other brother Lucas had slept weirdly and had a large amount of aching pain in his back due to it. “Hey Nathan how did you sleep,” Lucas asked. “Not very well, I fell off my bed during the night” Nathan…

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