UCO Reflection Essay

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The current situation from my personal experiences at UCO and our Forensics
Institute is that we as Forensics students are very lucky with our facility. We have a nice modern building with many useful amenities. We have a well versed and brilliant faculty and staff and the students to match. The one downfall I have noticed comes along with our building. Yes it is useful but through much of the day it is quiet and empty. When we as students have gaps of an hour or more between classes we need somewhere to go. This place should be relaxing enough that we could hang out and talk to our friends but not so much that we fall asleep. The Forensics building has a very large area that is well let and perfect for this. It has nice places to sit inside and outside if the
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(Effortless Aquaria) Scientists at the National Marine Aquarium recently studied how one of the exhibits was affecting the people viewing it. The peoples heart rates as well as blood pressure dropped as more fish were added and the people also reported having better moods after viewing the exhibit. (Gebelhoff) These benefits will help our students a lot as they may be preparing for a big test or for a presentation they may have that day.
When I contacted the company for a price quote I received an email back that read as follows.
Hi James,
Thank you for your request. The 96 x 30 x 36 tank will cost you $6,275.00, which only includes the acrylic tank price. If you would like additional items, such as, lexan lids, colored panels, overflow box or boxes, or need a full quote, filtration, lighting, steel stand, cabinetry work, shipping and crating, etc., please provide everything you need. We appreciate your time and business, and look forward to hearing from you soon. Please contact Frankie DiLuzio at,frankie@acrylicaquariums.com, and he can assist with your
Hunter 7 quote and answer any basic questions, time lines, payment methods, warranty concerns you have.

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