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  • Parents To Partners

    include weekly support groups that compliment their child’s autism socialization program. The parent support group will be held every Wednesday and/or Thursday night, from 5:30pm - 7:45pm, at the Family Services Cornerstone office, where various topics and discussions are held, including, but not limited to: (1) Stress Reduction Techniques, (2) Mindfulness Training, (3) Meditation and Yoga, (4) Support Strategies, (5) Coping Strategies, (6) Positive-Psychology. Referrals to the program will come from Family Services. Brochures, letters and newsletters will be sent out to all participating parents of students in the Autism Socialization Program, as well as contacts from our feedback cards. Social Media will be used to promote the program and refer new clients and families. Program information will be shared with local service providers to increase the referral base. The AACES coordinator will be responsible for coordinating incoming referrals and establishing matches. Once a referral is received, the referred parent is contacted by the AACES coordinator and invited to participate in a match. Only after the referred parent grants Parent to Partner with permission to be matched, does an experienced (veteran) parent initiate contact. Careful considerations of each family’s unique circumstance are considered, to ensure the best possible match. Factors considered include: age of the parents and child, family size, structure and lifestyle, language spoken and geographic location. …

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  • Question, Persuade, Refer (QPR)

    Death is an unavoidable fact; everyone will die, and no one has the absolute power to choose how they will die. There are many potential causes of death, some more likely than others; the sole exception to the choosing death clause is also the tenth most common cause of preventable death in the United States: suicide. Fortunately, suicide is a preventable cause of death; suicide prevention is a growing industry in mental healthcare and a popular cause for all people. This paper will address the…

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  • Personal Narrative: Refer To My Experiences Of Learning

    Refer to my experiences of learning I followed a simple learning process that I called Prepare-Learn-Repeat which involved the cognitive learning process as perception, thinking and memory. This simple structure was worked. Prepare the lesson before the class started usually give me the idea about the contents of the lesson. I usually outline the main points to assist me to understand the new knowledge more efficiently. Then, following the teacher in the class to learn, I usually write down the…

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  • Why Does Nick Refer To Gatsby As The Son Of Whom?

    Nick refers to Gatsby as the Son of Whom? What do you think he means? Nick refers gatsby as being the “Son of God”, because he sees him someone who is important and in the spotlight Nick believes that his father Dan cody and was like the God of Gatsby because he gave him the resources to succeed. 2. What was Jay Gatsby’s real name? What does the change in name signify in terms of Gatsby’s development as an ideal? (hint: what does Gatsby’s dream have to do with his character?) Jay Gatsby’s…

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  • What Point Does Twain Refer To Between His Two Ways Of Seeing The River Analysis

    What points of contrast does Twain refer to between his two ways of seeing the river? Twain first refers to the river as something absolutely beautiful. Twain admires the river and appreciates all of the small details, as he describes the “broad expanse of the river; in the middle distance the red hue brightened into gold, sparkling upon the water” (1). After Twain sees the river everyday and gets used to it, he begins to not appreciate the beauty as much, as he says, “the romance and beauty…

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  • Norse Mythological Analysis

    Glossary This glossary contains many terms that made part of the Viking culture. They refer to words taken from their mythology, administration in England, their naval technology, their literature, and culture. A Asgard: From the Norse Mythology. It designates the home of the Æsir tribe of gods. Æsir: From the Norse Mythology. It is the name of a number of deities venerated by pre-Christian Norse tribes and other Germanic tribes. Alfheim: From the Norse Mythology, it means “land of the fairies”…

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  • Which Outcome Is The Nash Equilibrium In This Game Case Study

    Refer to Table 17-12. Which outcome is the Nash equilibrium in this game? a. Up-Right b. Up-Left c. Down-Right d. Down-Left 8. The Condorcet paradox a. proved that the Arrow impossibility theorem is wrong. b. was proved wrong by the Arrow impossibility theorem. c. serves as an example of the Arrow impossibility theorem. d. pertains to voting systems, whereas Arrow's Impossibility Theorem does not. 9. When each voter has a most-preferred outcome for the expenditure on a…

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  • Allan Gibbard's Theory Of The Two Lumps

    statue; the other shaped like the top half. You take these two lumps and connect them, thus making the statue whole and in effect creating a new object. You name this statue Goliath. However, when you connected these two lumps you also create a new lump (the two lumps put together), which you name Lump1. Since Goliath and Lump1 refer to the same spatiotemporal object–i.e. they share the same referent–we say that Goliath and Lump1 are identical. However, suppose you take Goliath/Lump1 and you…

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  • Maternal Mortality

    to use a regression table that consisted of these transformed variables because the relationship was not otherwise linear. For a unit increase in the square-rooted Number of Physicians, the logged Maternal Mortality decreases by 2.05. While this association appears weak, the fact that the variables have been transformed must be considered. By looking at the aforementioned Pearson’s R, as well as beta, which is the standardized regression coefficient and had a value of -0.7528 (refer to Table…

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  • Brain In A Vat Theory: An Analysis

    Created in 1981 by Hilary Putnam the Brain in a Vat theory is about a science fiction possibility of our brains quite literally being in a vat. Hilary Putnam uses referencing or representation, the Turing Test, the rules of language and a host of examples to establish that the statement “we are brains in a vat” is a self-refuting statement. He asks the question “Could we, if we were brains in a vat in this way, say or think that we were?” (Putnam 1981, p7) and comes to the conclusion that we…

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