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The Parents to Partners program will be sponsored by Family Service Association of Bucks County as a subdivision program and would be structured to provide a variety of interventions and support through a combination of resources derived from BCDBH (Bucks County Department of Behavioral Health) and Parent to Parent USA. Funding sources include BCDBH and in-kind donations. All legal Pennsylvania residents residing in Bucks County who have a child, ward or family member with autism is eligible to participate. Parents, who already have children participating in the Autism Socialization program at AACES, would be a primary target group and would be offered the opportunity to participate in the Parent to Partners Program. The program in its pilot …show more content…
Leadership roles will consist of a combination of professional Family Service staff members, volunteers and a core group of parents. A screening process will be developed for experienced (veteran) parents based on the following criteria1:
• Acceptance of their own child and adjustment to their family situation.
• Ability to reach out and provide support to other parents.
• Ability to cope with other people’s problems and a tolerance of values and feelings that may be different from their
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Once experienced (veteran) parents are selected, formal confidentiality consent forms will need to be signed before training sessions can commence. Training sessions will consist of the following2 :
• 1-3 hour training sessions (after work hours) over the course of several weeks in a group setting. Training schedule will fit around the preferences of the group members.
• Refreshments will be offered and perhaps a “pot-luck”, to make it easier and more enjoyable for participants to attend sessions.
• Consider the use of local community resource persons as speakers. Many professionals are often happy to talk with a Parent to Parent group if the subject is within their area of knowledge.
• Include content from the following content area: o Orientation to the Parent to Partners Program o Positive philosophy about persons with autism o Self-awareness activities o Information about Family Service Association of Bucks County o Information about community resources and the referral

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