Personal Narrative: Refer To My Experiences Of Learning

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Refer to my experiences of learning I followed a simple learning process that I called Prepare-Learn-Repeat which involved the cognitive learning process as perception, thinking and memory. This simple structure was worked. Prepare the lesson before the class started usually give me the idea about the contents of the lesson. I usually outline the main points to assist me to understand the new knowledge more efficiently. Then, following the teacher in the class to learn, I usually write down the notes, then compare them with my outline in order to find out the points I missed. ‘Repeat’ includes that finish the homework, the required readings, extra reading and practice from the resources other than the textbook. Sometimes I need …show more content…
I finished my high school in China and Bachelor of business marketing degree in Australia. I was 18 and as an international student, I must attend to school class in city campus. I enrolled 4 subjects a semester in order to finish the entire course within 3 years to get qualified. Then, I can return to China to take care the family business. I attended 4 lectures and 4 tutorials in the physical classroom at the city campus. Over 100 students attend the lectures but each tutorial class only has 20 students. From the start of first semester, our tutor strongly suggested that communicate with the tutor and the group members were important part of the learning. The first couple semesters I struggled. I studied over 5 hours after school every day but wasted most of time to translate the contents of the lesson and the textbook into Chinese to help me to memorise. My limited English vocabulary held me back of my first year of the university. I did not understand the lecture and too scared to ask for the helps and support because of the poor listening and speaking skills. I was the quietest student in the class and never joined into the group discussion during the tutorial. However, after experienced the difficulties from learning, I realised that I have to overcome my disadvantages such as language barriers and lack of learning skills if I want to successful graduate. I joined a study group that help the …show more content…
Refer to my undergraduate study, cognitive learning theory is the best describes of my learning experience. My learning experience clearly involved the cognitive learning procedures such as remembering, understanding, applying, evaluating and creating. Cognitive processes affect learn and Cognitive Learning Theory implies that the different processes concerning learning can be explained by analysing the mental processes first. It posits that with effective cognitive processes, learning is easier and new information can be stored in the memory (Sincero, 2011). Most of my learning strategies can be identified as the examples of encoding strategies. Effective encoding strategies include: Imagery which means form mental picture of topic; Organization: impose order and connections in new information; Schema Activation which is activate relevant prior knowledge and Elaboration which means expand on existing schemas (Eggen & Kanchak, 2013). ). For example: memorising the concepts after fully understand the meaning. In order to store knowledge in the long term memory, using the different form such as images, tables, charts and videos help me to understand the knowledge and concepts. The most important part of the learning is that relate the new knowledge and concepts to the reality

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