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  • Early Intervention Observation

     Name of Program/Setting (full description of environment, students, teachers, etc.) The program that I choose to do my observations is the Ounce of Prevention, the classroom is a three to five class, with seventeen students and three teachers. The classroom is divided into fine areas for the children to move around freely. The children were actively engaged in their experiences. As I observed the children in their play, I saw positive relationships and interactions with adults and peers. The…

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  • Eda 103 Reflection

    EDA 103-80 Final This semester I was excited to take EDA 103 because I have always loved working with special education students and I wanted to learn more about the kids I was helping. I have learned a lot of important information from this course, but I think the most important thing I have learned is how to be sensitive when speaking of a student’s disability. Prior to this semester, I did not see how statements like, “That student is a handful because of their disability” or “I love all of…

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  • Scobl Skoble On The Morality Of Superheroes

    more important question to ask is whether or not they can keep the world under control without a figure stepping out of moral standards to “save” the world. From this, Skoble responds to all differences regarding the immorality of superheroes and redirects the question to why superheroes are needed in the first place. Because of this, Skoble tries to answer the question of a superhero’s morality by starting at the root of the problem, commenting that superheroes come because of human errors in…

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  • Verizon's Collective Bargaining Dispute

    employment. The result of collective bargaining procedures is a collective agreement (collective bargaining)”. The unfair treatment of Verizon employees caused 45,00 workers to go on strike. “Verizon wants more flexibility to relocate workers and redirect call center traffic, while the unions are pushing for job security provisions (Knutson)”. The dispute was resolved with a proposed agreement that each side has tentatively agreed…

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  • The Spatial Sentence Theory

    Spatial cueing .... According to the spotlight theory, spatial cues influences how one views objects. The "spotlight" helps capture specific features and bring them to heightened attention. This theory was coined by Giovich and Savitsky (1999). Both researchers analyzed how the spotlight effect influenced social relationships. The found that the spotlight theory causes individual's to misjudge other's behaviors. According to a study conducted by Richards (2005), infant's attention was…

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  • Classroom Environment: Behavior Management Strategies

    Classroom environment is a crucial part of any behavior management strategy. The routines, classroom set-up, expectations, and guidelines are critical to avoiding behavioral issues from the start. I will establish a well-organized and structured classroom environment that promotes attentiveness, learning, and erudition. My classroom will be an environment where students feel free and safe to make mistakes; I will design a friendly, accepting atmosphere where students and teachers treat each…

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  • Comparing Erikson's Research On Maturing And Aging

    This video is about maturing and aging. In 1950 research on maturing and aging began. Development and growth are not the same in this context. Erikson helped redirect developmental psychology toward the entire life cycle from his own experiences as an immigrant. He developed 8 stages of development: trust vs. mistrust 0-1 years old), autonomy vs. doubt (1-3 years old), initiative vs. guilt (3-6 years old), industry vs. inferiority (6-11 years old), identity vs. role confusion (11-18 years…

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  • The Importance Of Sport-Related Concussions In Soccer

    a game played by two teams of eleven, with a soccer ball that may not be touched with arms or hands. The object of the game is to score goals by kicking, or heading, the ball into the other team's goal. Heading the ball is a common way to stop or redirect an airborne ball. It is a common conception that heading the ball is the primary source of head injuries in the game of soccer. The concern has led more than eight states to ban heading for players under the age of eleven. But researchers…

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  • Instant Gratification In The Workplace

    With the numerous media sources available in today’s world, it is no wonder that word spreads faster than it used to. The working class of today is much different than it was decades ago. There is an ever growing trend for instant gratification, although this should m not be the main priority of an individual when they are seeking employment, or staying with an organization, the truth is it is real. PWC conducted a recent survey of millennial workers and the findings are shocking. According to…

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  • Isaac Newton's Laws Of Motion And Crumple Zones

    It was created so that it would reduce damage in a motor vehicle collision. Crash attenuators are designed to absorb energy from the crash of the vehicle and to redirect a vehicle away from something dangerous or to keep cars on the road. Crash attenuators are usually placed near freeways, bridges, race tracks and temporary versions of crash attenuators can be placed on the road near construction projects to keep…

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