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  • Abernethy's Testimony Case Study

    admissible in trial, the testimony: (1) must have been given as a witness at a trial, hearing, or lawful deposition and (2) can only be offered against a party who had an opportunity and similar motive to develop the testimony by direct, cross or redirect examination. Fed. R. Evid. 804. DiNofrio contends that Abernethy’s testimony given at the grand jury proceedings satisfies these conditions. It is undisputed that Abernethy was unavailable as a witness and that the grand jury proceedings…

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  • My Calling Is Affecting My Career

    weaknesses don’t allow me to execute my calling. Furthermore I realized by reading chapter 2 that my current circumstances personal and professional have influence in my calling. However my condition shouldn’t be a reason for me to stop. I should redirect myself, and work with my situation by giving my calling a new purpose within my situation. What I mean by this, is to recreate my scenario and see how I can apply my calling into my new situation. For instance if I’m not working as it’s the…

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  • Reflection Of Cheating Letter By H. J. Morowitz

    personally been enriched by having known a very, very honest seeker of knowledge, and by your actions you have come to experience his influence. Coincidence is a fickle agent, and the more mystical among us would feel that the fates were acting herein to redirect your life. Let us just say that you are very fortunate to have this model set before you.” Morowitz’ wisdom shines through these words – he wants his student to not merely be punished, but to truly understand and grow from his…

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  • Bulimia Nervosa Research Paper

    Bulimia Nervosa is a serious condition that can alter a person’s life forever. It is a severe, deadly mental illness among many adolescents in the United States. Many people do not understand how dangerous this habit can be. It is harmful to almost all parts of the human anatomy. Bulimia Nervosa should be known in detail throughout the entire world because it is unfortunately way too common in recent studies among teenagers. Being young and becoming worried about one’s self-image is a huge deal!…

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  • Reflection: Alternative Pathway Leading To Learning

    Student: I didn’t do so well on the division of fractions assessment. I want to complete a retake tomorrow. Teacher: Tomorrow will work well. Be sure to get a division of fractions remedial sheet from the folder on the counter. The sheet includes important re-teaching points as well as practice problems to help you prepare for the retake. Student (After completing retake assessment): I don’t think I did well because this isn’t the same assessment. The numbers in the problem are different.…

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  • Reflection Paper: My Field Experience

    Introduction Over the course of this semester I have had the opportunity to volunteer at two events. The first was a field trip on the UNG campus in which South Hall Middle School came to tour the campus. During the field trip, I was stationed in the science center and was able to meet some of the students and discuss their future goals and ambitions in life. The second event was an Elementary Science Olympiad held at North Oconee High School. The students rotated between different stations in…

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  • My Listening Survey Paper

    This listening survey helped me take a very close look at how I effectively communicate to others throughout the many exchanges on any given day. Also, how I actively listen to the person and respond to them. Although I am attentive and a patience listener, my spouse believes that there is needs to be some improvements with the facial expressions and body language. An example of how I communicate, the individual is given direct contact at least eighty percent of the time. I listen without…

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  • Democracy's Intricacies

    As Americans, we hold value over our democratic traditions, but how far does that value extend? Roberts-Miller writes a detailed article discussing democracy’s intricacies and how demagoguery holds an immense impact on democracy. She begins by claiming that an effective democracy requires its constituents to engage in thorough and intelligent deliberation and discussion of the problems in that democracy, thus creating possible pathways towards solutions (Roberts-Miller 459). Behind this claim is…

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  • Guilt Theme In Scarlet Letter

    There is nothing worse in this world than the feeling of guilt. It settles in an individual 's heart, a burden that becomes increasingly heavy, until it is freed through a moment of shame or buried with the heart that it inflicted. Throughout the novel The Scarlet Letter written by Nathaniel Hawthorne, many of the characters commit sinful actions. A common theme in the novel is that all characters live with sin, but only those who are worthy of redemption live with guilt. This integral…

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  • Would You Kill The Fat Man Analysis

    is proposed is that a runaway train is headed towards a group of five people who are tied to the track. Unless the train is stopped, it will inevitably kill all five of the people. You are standing nearby and have the option to pull a lever to to redirect the train to a different route, which has one man tied to the track. By pulling the lever you can divert the tram onto a side track, saving the five. However, this will inevitably kill the other man. The question at hand is, would you pull the…

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