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  • Granite Bay Community Description

    On the North shore of Folsom Lake, about 25 miles Northeast of Sacramento, is the lovely community of Granite Bay. Home to over 20,000 residents, the placid suburb is located on the Eastern edge of the Sacramento Valley nestled among the Sierra Foothills. The small community is known as "A great place to live, work and play." The residents of Granite Bay can attest to the livability of the small community and all that it has to offer. The small Place County community is able to offer its…

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  • The Great Fire Analysis

    The Great Fire by Jim Murphy It was Sunday and an unusually warm evening for October eighth, so Daniel “Peg Leg” Sullivan left his stifling little house in the west side of Chicago and went to visit neighbors. One of his stops was at the shingled cottage of Patrick and Catherine O’Leary. The one-legged Sullivan remembered getting to the O’Learys’ house at around eight o’clock, but left after only a few minutes because the O’Leary family was already in bed. Both Patrick and Catherine had to be up…

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  • Examples Of Personal Manifesto

    Personal Manifesto The subject of personal manifesto should never be something that is of foreign content. There are many different ways that you can be translated into a character. For instance, some contributors are your personality, your occupation, your habits, your work and motivation, and more. What a manifesto is, is what a community thinks of what you are rather than the content of your character. You are defined by society’s social queues and status quos. As a result, more than half of…

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  • Middle School Students Make A Difference Essay

    I once asked a close friend of mine, “How can a middle school student make a difference?” He simply answered, “ At our age, to make a difference we have to have a drive to make a change. You can’t just blindly run into world wanting to do something; you need a plan, determination, and confidence to know that you can make a difference.” I thought about what he said and realized he had a point. Kids my age are so concerned about the little things we never actually see the bigger picture; that…

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  • Chopsticks Experiment

    If I were to do this experiment again, I would conduct a second test with random assignment among the subjects. This would change the nature of this study from a sample survey into a real experiment with the possibility to infer cause and effect relationships. In order to create different treatments for participants, I would randomly…

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  • Generosity And Definition Of Kindness: Video Analysis

    The inspiration for this question is a video commercial that showed a man being selfless and kind, and though he did not have much, he had the joy he brought people through being kind. This video allowed the question to arise what is kindness. This question is the question chosen for research. When starting research, there is not much information on definitions or studies of kindness. Through researching under the topic kindness there needs to be more research done on this topic for future…

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  • Sustainability Reflection

    Introduction Experiments in Sustainability, Kindness, and Social Responsibility; after completing a four week survey of my personal habits which include; what I generate and manage as waste, along with my comportment in the public eye, I found this experience to be quite extensive as well as enlightening. Sustainability Experiment: I have done these types of trials before in other classes. Therefore, this time around was more of a revision than a realization. It was important for me to have a…

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  • Communication: A Class That Changed My Life

    I have had a rough life. I have been through a lot and I am ready to accept what has happened in the past. The idiots who called me names are gone. There is nothing I could gain from either yelling at them or beating the living day lights out of them. There were times that there were rumors that were spread about me like me being gay or not being able to get a girlfriend. Even though those rumors were false, I thought at the time everyone hated me and so I shut down emotionally. After that…

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  • Caroline Or Change Play Analysis

    Gallman's, and in the house, she befriends Noah, a young boy who recently lost his mother to cancer. The play focuses on two aspects of change: pocket change and the literal idea of change. In an attempt to get Noah to stop leaving pocket change in his clothes, Noah’s new stepmother, Rose, allows Caroline to keep any of the change left in his clothes. However, when Noah ends up leaving a 20 dollar bill, an argument between the two erupts causing Caroline to leave the house for several days. In…

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  • The Morality Of Fate In The Book Thief

    seems to work both against and for people regarding their fate. Sometimes good people suffer while bad people benefit; sometimes bad people live while good people die. Fate, however, does not take morality into account. Instead, it is an unbiased, random phenomenon. Being one of high moral standing does not necessarily provide protection. Hans, Liesel, and Rudy all exhibit immense naiveté when it comes to the morality of humankind—especially how it can affect one’s fate. With this naiveté in…

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