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  • The Importance Of Genetically Modified Organisms

    Genetically Modified Organisms Using genetically modified organisms to enhance the production of food, is a new technique for solving the food shortage caused by overpopulation in the world. Food labeling is needed to educate consumers about the ingredients in food that may contain some form of chemicals and pesticides. Consumers play a major role in deciding whether products containing genetically modified organisms remain economically stable. Produce, crops and animals are sources of food…

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  • Essay On Non Lead Apron

    One receives approximately 3,000 µSv of ubiquitous background radiation a year, which means approximately 8.2 µSv per day (Howerton, Iannucci, 2012). This is known as background radiation and is caused by terrestrial, cosmic, and naturally occurring radon. On the other hand, during radiographic examination some degree of biological damage does occur during exposure, therefore no amount of radiation is considered safe (Howerton, Iannucci, 2012). For this matter, radiographers have the…

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  • How Much Water-Day Myth Come From?

    and it is a personal preference whether you desire one or the other. Side by side you really can’t tell the difference. Well water needs to be tested yearly for bacteria and nitrates and my need to be tested every three to five years for arsenic, radon, uranium, fluoride and lead. If contaminated well water will need to be treated. Unlike bottle water and tap public health authorities don’t check the quality of well water. The owner has to do these tests for contaminates.…

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  • What Is AMD?

    Acid Mine Drainage (AMD) and Control Options AMD comes from the oxidation of sulphide minerals. It has the negative impact on the environment. Since it could affect the surface water, ground water quality and land used. This condition due to the low pH contains by the water (could reach up to 2), sulphate content (SO4), and metals content (Fe, Zn, Cu, Ni, As, Cd). The principles for AMD formation should be understood to be able to manage the water. i. Waste containing reactive sulphide (S2-,…

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  • Environmental Effects Of Indoor Air Quality

    products, pesticides, and household cleaners. Pollutants and sources Typical pollutants of concern include: Combustion byproducts such as carbon monoxide, particulate matter, and environmental tobacco smoke. Substances of natural origin such as radon, pet dander, and mold. Biological agents such as molds. Pesticides, lead, and asbestos.…

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  • Non Small Cell Lung Cancer

    The most dangerous risk factor that can lead to lung cancer is smoking. Smoking has the highest percent of lung cancer patients, making up the majority of 80-90% of lung cancer victims being smokers or prior smokers. Being around radon gas may also lead to lung cancer, but at a much lower rate than that of smokers. Even second hand smoke can cause the person to develop lung cancer, so it isn’t always smoking yourself but what can be in the air. If other cancers occur, the treatment…

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  • Arguments Against Nuclear Energy

    Beginning in the 1960’s nuclear power was believed to be an attractive alternative to fossil fuels and was even referred to as the energy source of the future. To the uninformed the use of nuclear energy may seem frightening because the only thing rumored is the negatives like: the waste, major spills of material and disastrous radioactive accidents, but there are many benefits from the use of this energy source such as: saving millions of lives, a mass reduction of pollution, and an advancement…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Fracking

    inside” (“What is fracking?”). The term fracking refers to the type of fracture the rock creates due to the high powered water spout. Fracking has numerous negative effects, it cause health problems along with environmental issues. Fracking causes radon “a naturally occurring radioactive gas formed by the decay of uranium in rock…moves through the ground and into the air,” and affects people 's health (Apple). Fracking also causes more hurricanes due to the water heating from the greenhouse…

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  • Types And Symptoms Of Lung Cancer

    There are many different types of cancers one of them being lung cancer. Lung cancer is the uncontrolled of abnormal cell growth that occurs in one or both lungs. These cells don’t carry the functions of a normal cells or develop healthy tissues (Lung Cancer 101). There are many types of lung cancer, but the two major ones are non-small cell lung cancer and small cell lung cancer. According to America Cancer Society, 85 to 90 percent of lung cancer is non-small lung cancer. However, there are…

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  • Essay On Adenocarcinoma

    being cigarette smoke. According to Cancer Research UK, “It causes more than eight out of ten cases, including a small proportion caused by exposure to secondhand smoke in non-smokers.” Other frequently inhaled carcinogens include air pollution and radon gas, which are both common substances both in suburban and city areas. Another common cause for lung cancer is genetically inherited faults in the DNA. When the genetic coding in DNA corrupts, cells can become cancerous. “Cancers…

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