Radioisotopes Research Paper

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Radioisotopes are atoms that consist of unstable combination of neutrons and protons. All elements which have their atomic numbers greater than 83 are radioisotopes and have unstable, radioactive nuclei. They have at least one stable isotope and one unstable isotope. In order to gain stable conformation the nucleus of the atoms loses a neutron due to which radiation energy is given off and the atom is said to be in radioactive state. They are also called as radionuclides because they have more nuclear energy. These atoms are occur naturally or can be prepared artificially.
Radioisotopes are playing a significant role in our lives. These are extensively utilized in the field of medicine, industry and research. A lot of new applications for their
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Industry utilizes radioisotopes in a diversity of methods to enhance productivity and attain information that cannot be obtained from other ways. Radioisotopes are usually used in industrial radiography, which uses a gamma source to conduct stress testing or check the integrity of welds – a common example is to test aero plane jet engine turbines for structural integrity. Radioisotopes are also used by industry for gauging (to measure levels of liquid inside containers, for example) or to measure the thickness of materials. Radioisotopes are also widely used in scientific research, and are employed in a range of applications, from tracing the flow of contaminants in biological systems, to determining metabolic …show more content…
Atoms have an exact number of protons, but may have a different number of neutrons due to the “binding energy” that holds them together. If the neutrons are lessened or increased, then there would be a “release” of energy, making the atom radioactive, hence the term “radioisotope. ‘Whenever we hear the term isotope or radioisotope, we would already think of Carbon 14 or something, that’s because it has been a common knowledge for some of us that the isotope Carbon 14 is usually used for treating Cancer.And yes, radioisotopes are able to help us “treat” diseases such as cancer. They also enable doctors do identify the specific areas or parts of the body of patients, so that they know where the problem lies. That’s what radioisotopes can do for us. They help us in locating problems in bodies; they help us in treating diseases and sicknesses, and is widely used in therapies and medicine. They even kill the bacteria in our food, and are sometimes used in the smoke detectors, but as we know, radioisotopes decay as well.While radioisotopes have a lot of advantages, they have their disadvantages as well. They are radioactive, and can be harmful and kill organisms. If the radioisotopes are given or pointed at a part of the body of a person, which is completely normal, then the radioisotopes would be killing healthy cells, and that would be harmful to the human being. And In addition, we know they are used in the construction of bombs. So that

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