Informative Essay On Lung Cancer

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How many people die each year due to lung cancers? In the United States, approximately 159,260 people die each year due to lung cancer. Compare to any other type of cancer, lung cancer has the most causalities. Many teenagers and adults could not care less about such a disease due to the fact that they know very little about lung cancer. A known fact that people should know about lung cancer is the chance of a woman getting lung cancer is one out 16 people and for a man it is one out of 13 people. Lung cancer takes a lot of casualties because people do not know and do not check to see if they have lung cancer. In addition to this, some people might not even know what lung cancer is so let get to understand such a disease. In order to understand …show more content…
“The signs and symptoms of lung cancer can take years to develop and they may not appear until the disease is advanced” (Lung.) Like every other disease, lung cancer has signs and symptoms as well, but the list of sign and symptoms of lung cancer is difficult to understand due to how it can easily be messed up with common cold or daily life struggles. The most common symptoms and sign that should be notice are shortness of breath, loss of appetite as well as noticeable loss of weight, chest pain meaning when breathing in, laughing or even a little cough, and a cough that don’t seem to fade or become worse. At first glance a person may have trouble notice which is which, but remember a common cold is when the upper respiratory tract is being affected not and not the respiratory system. These two may seem the same, but each one of these has its own control in the body. For example, in a common cold what is being affected is the nose, eyes, ear, and mouth, but in the diagnosis of lung cancer what is being affected is the lungs and windpipe as well as the voice box. With the differences between these may be hard and trouble to understand, but that 's why there is a doctor or specialist in this field to help those in

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