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  • Samuel Morse: The Invention Of The Electric Telephone

    The very first data communication the was done electrolytically was in 1836 by Samuel Morse. He demonstrated the ability to Transmit information over wires. This information was sent using a series of electrical signals. In 1844 Morse demonstrated to the US congress the practicality of his invention by sending a message from washington to baltimore, it read “What Hath God wrought”. With this invention made the world seem smaller than ever before making it easier to access information. It would…

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  • Edwin Howard Armstrong: A Medium Of Communication

    Television and the Internet are, in the 21st century, replacing radio. In fact, advances in technology have allowed people to access an increasing amount of information, through different forms. A person wanting to learn about world news can now go on the Internet, read a newspaper, watch television or listen to the radio. The technology behind radio as well as its inventors is the reason why, nowadays, people have an unlimited access to information; it began in 1844, with the invention of the…

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  • The Hawthorne Studies

    with ESPN and made sure that the live coverage of sports events would not put us out of compliance with any contracts. The department also brainstormed possible places that Falcon Radio could be housed and met with people in charge of facilities at NDC. The Programming team brainstormed about what types of music and radio programming would be attractive for students to listen to, how we could incorporate live shows with current events, sports, and campus activities. The Training & Operations…

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  • What Is The Role Of The Radio In The 1920's

    Tuning Into the Radio The radio is an electronic device that has entertained millions of people since the first official broadcast in the 1920’s. The radio has affected many people in positive ways since then. It has had nine decades to advance into what we know as the radio today. People have enjoyed listening to artist, musicians, comedians, and sports entertainment for decades. The use of the radio has evolved from the 1920’s to modern day through communication, design and Technology.…

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  • Media Awareness Of World Events

    Radio was one of the major medias and at the start of the 1900s. The founder was Guglielmo Marconi and decided to make a news network which was the Radio. This was very popular and had many facts of its own. It's used for news and channels of what are they seeing in the real world. Radio had not many channels as we have today, it was the start of something unbelievable of what's about to be become…

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  • How Did The Radio Affect The 1920s

    Who knew that radios would have this big of an impact on the twenties? Probably not its inventor, Guglielmo Marconi (McLaughlin). At least it was a good surprise, not just to him but also to anyone who could afford one in the twenties. They mostly used it as a source of entertainment, particularly at night. This was obviously a good business opportunity, which caused there to be six hundred radio stations in America by nineteen twenty-two (Eckstein et. al.). How did the radio make the twenties…

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  • The Influence Of Television And Its Impact On Society

    more than five hours of live TV every day. Children aged 2-11 watch over 24 hours of TV per week, while adults aged 35-49 watch more than 33( Television was made to entertain people like the radio did. People use to sit around and listen to the radio to listen to their sitcoms and next big thing was to allow them to not only listen, but to watch them as well. Also television was made so people can feel up to date with events. Ever since television was made, it…

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  • The Radio: The Invention Of The Radio

    Is the radio still one of the major devices? And what did the invention of the radio make possible for us? Radio made the communication over distance faster, it brought entertainment to the people’s houses, cars and it made live sessions possible. We have to ask ourselves what the radio waves might do to our body. Radio waves are made of two type’s, electrical and magnetic energy. (Steve Parker, “How Radio Works”) Nobody knew how it will affect the human body. They are largely unaffected by day…

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  • Birdsong: Questions

    American University of Beirut (AUB) Faculty of Engineering and Architecture (FEA) Department of Electrical Engineering Biomedical Engineering Seminar (EECE 401) Prof. Nassir Hussni Sabah Assignment 1 Seminar on Birdsong Waddah Malaeb Mechanical Engineering 201204320 1. Describe the neuronal pathway involved in vocalization of bird song. In the above figure shown, in blue is the vocal motor output pathway, where the signal begins in the HVc (High vocal center) which…

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  • Tv Vs Radio

    Every sporting league has many options on how to present games to their audience; however, there are two genres that have become standard: television and radio. Each of these mediums have certain well-established conventions which work to effectively present the games to their respective audiences. Some of these conventions are shared by both genres, such as yelling to amplify excitement, and describing the game in detail to bring it to life for those watching or listening from home. But, there…

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