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  • Charlie Siff Biography Essay

    Sifford, who was a passionate golfer from North Carolina. Charlie began to make history with his work ethic, his love for the game, and his accomplishments. Charles Sifford was born on June 2, 1922, in Charlotte, North Carolina. His first introduction to golf was on the courses of North Carolina, where Sifford was a caddie. He earned 60 pennies a day on the course. The majority of the cash he made went to…

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  • Golf Swing Speed

    Golf swing speed can be calculated without the need for modern technology. If a golfer can determine exactly how far their golf ball traveled prior to landing, they can determine the speed of their swing. For every 2.3 yards traveled, a swing has to generate a speed of 1 mph. For anyone who is wondering how useful it is to have this knowledge, they should consider that the only way to increase distance is to increase the speed of the swing. Measuring progress requires some kind of metrics by…

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  • Is Golf A Sport?

    When we break down golf and take a moment to realize the actual definition of a sport you can obviously tell that golf is indeed a sport. The U.S Supreme Court ruled that walking the course and carrying the clubs has no relation to the sport. Golfers on average burn about 360 calories per hour without a cart or caddie which is more calories against gymnasts who only burn 345 an hour. Many sports in the olympics burn less calories than golf, but are still considered sports. For example,…

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  • Authentic Swing Analysis

    exemplified in the character, Rannulph Junah. Throughout the novel, and two days of tournament golf, Junah, under the guidance of his sage caddy and mentor, Bagger Vance, was able to make peace with his demons, and reemerge as one of the South’s best golfers. The definition of transcendentalism is, “...a philosophy emphasizing the intuitive and spiritual above the empirical.” This philosophy is consistent with the search for the ‘Authentic Swing’ or ‘Self’ that Bagger leads Junah…

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  • Increase Driving Distance In Golf Essay

    Increase Your Driving Distance With A Golf Practice Net If you are a casual golfer who wants to improve their overall golf skills then you need to invest in a golf practice net. By using a golf practice net you can increase your driving distance and improve your overall game. Here are a few ways practice nets can help you increase driving distance. Better Muscle Strength With A Golf Practice Net If you have ever played golf you know that muscle strength is vitally important. Just hit a few…

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  • Why Do Golf Flexibility Exercise

    While it's true golfing doesn't call for the kind of flexibility that some other sports might demand, it is still a very important part of the game. There are, in fact, a number of reasons why flexibility can prove vital for lowering a score and making a round more enjoyable. The top reasons why golf flexibility exercises matter include: Form alone won't create an impressive score - Flexibility exercises can be very important for helping improve a game and lower a score. The truth in this can…

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  • Case Study: The Great Golf Ball Dilemma

    The Great Golf Ball Dilemma- Will *All calculations are rounded* This maths investigation explored the best way to package six golf balls and to recommend to the manager of a sports manufacturing company Supreme Sports. The task was to test two designs, a cylindrical box and a rectangular box, under the criteria of wasting minimal space and also the least cost the company. This testing would occur by using the knowledge of surface area and volume using formulas to find out the mathematical…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: The Game Of Golf

    The game of golf is almost more mental than it is physical. Having the ability to control one’s thoughts and emotions can turn good players into great ones. Many players learn how to play the game physically, but cannot ever make a leap towards better golf due to their actions and thoughts on the course. When playing bad, all it may take is a change in mindset or attitude to get one back on track. Sometimes it’s a little change in swing thought that will turn one’s round around. Maybe a new…

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  • Personal Narrative: Joining The Golf Team

    At any team event, tryouts especially, I try to interact with the newer golfers because I remember how intimidating it can be at first. One girl in particular, who plays for a different high school, was extremely shy when I first met her. I knew how she felt, so I tried to talk to her whenever I saw her and make her feel comfortable…

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  • Personal Narrative: The Midnight Golf Program

    The Midnight Golf Program has changed my life. You do not see many teenagers from African-American communities golfing. Midnight Golf is gradually but surely changing this, and I am one of the many products of our success story. The beginning to one’s personal success is being well-rounded. This secret society program instilled positive experiences and qualities into me throughout the year. Learning is the game of golf has not only taught me patience and a new type of focus but it also gives me…

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