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  • Playing Piano Research Paper

    On a cold December morning, my mom was playing Christmas music in church. As I listened, I was inspired to play piano and follow in her footsteps. I watched as my mom's hands flew across the piano in a series of graceful movements. It amazed me! I knew of few people that played piano! Statistics show that if you play Mozart's pieces in your right ear, you will do better at math and in your right ear, you will excel at language and English. Who would have ever thought that music could increase my…

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  • How To Write An Essay About My First Puc Concert

    My experience, while I was at the concert, was very interesting since this was the very first PUC concert I have attended. This concert followed all the same principles as a normal concert, besides the fact that it was not formal. Talking about the pieces, Johnathan Cook’s first piece was Etude-tableaux OP 39, No. 5 in E flat minor by Sergei Rachmaninoff and encompassing the change in tone of the song very well. Since this song is in E flat minor, the tone, I took from the song, was lightly…

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  • Marching Band, Or The Church Orchestr Self Analysis

    One of the great things in today’s world is how many different ways one can express oneself. A few prime examples are writing, painting, debating, and music. I personally express myself is through playing my trombone and creating music. Whether it is in Marching Band, Symphonic Band, or the Church Orchestra I show the world how I feel, think, and believe. Through music I convey my emotions to anyone who will listen, but depending on what I play and who is listing the world responds in very…

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  • Analyzing Earth's Song Poem

    “Earth’s Song” is a two movement suite for piano, violin, and viola. Each movement is inspired by some beautiful aspect of nature, and seeks to paint a picture of nature’s masterpieces through music. The first movement, titled “Morning Lake,” depicts a young couple rowing a boat on a calm lake. The couple sets up their rowboat right before a sunrise. At the very beginning of the movement is a calm, beautiful section, which is meant to depict how peaceful, calming, and relaxing it is to float on…

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  • Concert Observation Essay

    The second concert to go to was on saturday November 4th at 8pm at Stony Brook University’s Staller center. The atmosphere of being at staller felt pleasant and relatable as I was not going to the symphony just for an assignment, but rather as a guest ready for a good show. Awaiting for the symphony to begin, sitting at the top final row on the room, I realized my surrounding was that large amounts of older folks wore presentable outfits, students with casual attire, and the orchestra wearing…

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  • Hans Christian Andersen's Where Words Fail, Music Speak

    Hans Christian Andersen once said, "Where words fail, music speaks.” For a good portion of my adolescence, music was the language I used to express myself. From the time I started middle school, music sparked my interest quite instantly. I became involved in my school’s orchestra program at the beginning of my sixth grade year and from that point on, I was hooked. As time stands, I can full heartedly say that the decision to learn the violin was one decision that I will cherish for a lifetime.…

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  • Descriptive Essay: Practicing The Violin

    A choice has been made to pick this delicate instrument, a weapon of my choice—the violin. Carefully, one removes the seals from the case it has been resting in—it made a soft clicking sound like the locks from a prisoner’s cage. The case opens slowly revealing what was inside of it. The instrument patiently waits for its master as it lays on its furry navy blue bed. Silence filled the room as each one stare at each other and talk with their amazed eyes. The violin was glistening with beauty;…

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  • Divided Together: An Open Work

    There are certain circles within the music world that hold firm to the belief that this art form is of the purest and most abstract, and should remain so, while others think music should remain open to as many people as possible. Within the context of the 21st century, the later positon has become increasingly important to adopt, not only for the continued success of this art form, but to inspire and motivate positive change in the world. The current project under consideration, titled Divided…

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  • Grieg Historie In Hans Christian Andersen's Where Words Fail, Music

    Edvard Grieg Historie From the words of Hans Christian Andersen, “Where words fail, music speaks”. Music is a universal language shared between every human on Earth. Since the beginning of time, music has been used as a form of expressing a person’s feelings. Throughout the years, music has evolved and is still currently changing. However, the sound and structure are changed through big influences in the musical world. This is how music develops a new shape and sound. For the Romantic…

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  • Analysis Of Indian Classical Instrument Or Indo Jazz Music

    The participants listened to their choice of Indian Classical instrument or Indo Jazz music. Task 1 represents listening to music; Task 2 corresponds to listening to selected music and performing visual Go and No-go trials (task stimuli); and Task 3 represents performing the task in silence. The physiological response to the played music was estimated by measuring the pulse rate. The task performances were obtained by calculating the omission error and reaction time for Go trials, and commission…

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