Narrative Essay On Musical Literacy

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Language of Sound

Now many of you have heard of the same old “My journey with literacy began” kind of crap. Most of us can’t even remember where it began. We all have learned the same basic amount of literacy in our life. In cases such as mine, I have not only taken it upon myself to learn the basics of literacy. But those of music as well. I guess you can say I’ve become a sort of “treble” maker in my life with musical literacy.

My cliché journey all started when I was in middle school and let 's just say I was nowhere near to the music nerd that I have become. I was probably on the top three worst kids in the whole school. If time travel were possible I would go back and beat the absolute crap out of myself. Aside from that
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The singing and the the basics of music seemed like child 's play to me now. The only thing missing was the writing of music and understand all of its complexities. I had joined the choral program at the school and was immediately placed in the advanced choral group. We had many amazing concerts and adventures. With every moment that I was there my musical literacy would improve even greater than before. As sophomore year rolled around I would take my skills in music even further by taking music theory courses. Music theory was the study of music and all of the rules a musician must follow to create the most amazing music. It was thanks to music theory that I was able to finally understand most of music 's mysteries. It was thanks to my devotion to learn this new language that has allowed me to write many songs, perfom many things, see my own creations come to life. It is as if I had turned into a musical form of frankenstein. With every piece that I wrote, seeing it come to life would move one’s soul. I am still learning the many wonders of music and my journey is never ending because with every new thing I learn a new layer of possibility appears before me. The difference of music literacy and regular literacy is that you are writing your own story with sound and feeling. There is no specific theme to what your story can be. It is what the music of your heart tells you what you shall present to the world. Every note has sound and every sound has a note. It was I who took it upon myself to place myself in the beautiful structure of life 's notes to create something beautiful for me in the

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