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  • Ted Talk No More Bad Date Analysis

    A lot of people are skeptical that online dating sites actually reap success, but they do provide potential marriage partners. In the TED talk “How I hacked online dating”, Amy Webb discusses her experience with online dating. She begins by discussing her desperation to get married and how she cultivates a strategy to find a perfect match for herself. Initially, she said, “So I asked everybody in my life what they thought. I turned to my grandmother, who always had plenty of advice, and she said…

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  • Ender's Game Symbolism

    extreme because during a war you can't expect a schedule for when you are to fight. You always have to be prepared for any obstacle that may come your way. Mazer convinces Ender he is fighting in a simulator with all of his old friends: Alai, Bean, Petra, Dink, and "all the best students Ender had fought with or fought against, everyone that Ender had trusted in Battle School(420).” This was a convincing tactic that Mazer used because without it, Ender could never have actually killed the…

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  • Reflection Of Ender's Game

    One of the big ones would be the use of Petra. She was used more as a teacher, friend, and later a rival in the book, while in the movie her role was more constant as a companion. This hurts the movie by making the characters less dynamic. This in turn weakened the tension and story. Another continuity…

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  • Representation Of Women In Engineering Case Study

    A large institution that leads women to not be involved in engineering is that of the education system as a whole. First off, at the engineering department faculty level, female faculty are extremely underrepresented. The ratio of male to female professors and lecturers is one of the lowest compared to other departments. Even at top engineering schools such as Oxford University, which is ranked as the number seven engineering school in the world, there are only seven female members in the…

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  • MRSA Effect

    MRSA Effect Makaylah Hoang San Jose State University Ever since Alexander Fleming’s discovery of penicillin in 1928 researchers and scientists have developed many different types of antibiotics to help fight off illness by killing bacteria. Yet with the development of antibiotics there has been a development of bacterium that have become antibiotic resistant. The danger of this one bacterium to become resistant to antibiotics raises the question of whether or not other bacterium are able to…

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  • Direct Composite Analysis

    “Recontouring teeth and closing diastemas with direct composite buildups: A 5-year follow-up” by Cornelia Frese, Petra Schiller, Hans Joerg Staehle, and Diana Wolff “Interaction between staining and degradation of a composite resin in contact with colored foods” by Debora Soares-Geraldo; Taís Scaramucci; Washington Steagall-Jr; Sheila Regina Maia Braga; Maria Angela Pita Sobral Clinical Question: Is composite subject to long term discoloration when used for diastema closures and what are…

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  • The Chrysalids Quotes Analysis

    means covering up each other's mistakes, in order to help. “What! With the way she was yelling! I’d’ve thought anybody who was’nt deaf would have heard her halfway to Kentak”(Wyndham 84). In this quote Rosalind was covering up for Petra’s yelling. Petra telepathically caught the group’s attention causing a small gathering, some townspeople also followed them. The townspeople questioned why they did not hear the yelling and how the two knew the exact location. In order to save the group Rosalind…

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  • Ryo Tobacco Case Study Essay

    rollies are a bit more natural tasting and … yeah, and they’re just … lighter than you know, tailies that are all compact down, all the chopped up bits and it’s like just nicer to have like … feels just a bit more natural than tailies so … I think. (Petra, p4) Participants described RYO tobacco as more moist and leafy than the tobacco in TM cigarettes, which they described as dry and processed. Tailor-made cigarettes are quite dry relative to roll-your-own tobacco. (Charlie, p5) The tobacco…

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  • George Bernard Shaw's Apology

    George Bernard Shaw's 'The Authors Apology' and Petra Dierkes-Thurn article 'incest and trafficking women...' Both present the same argument from different ways of showcasing. Shaw uses a slight satirical sense behind his apology, referencing that it is a concept to harsh for women, even through the play was written for women, about women. These points are only brought up because male spectators and critics were offended from a woman's sake. Disgusted by the sights shown and discussed. With…

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  • Discrimination In The Chrysalids

    When David, Petra, and Rosalind escapes to the Fringes from Waknuk, noticed that those with deformities were defiled, but most of them were not noticeably deformed. However, their families have banned them and sent them away. Gordon Strorm would be a prime example of…

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