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  • Francesco Petrarchan Sonnet

    The sonnet was a common literary work in the Middle Ages and continues to remain an enticing form of literature. Furthermore, the sonnet is often regarded as the ‘rite of passage’ for new poets to demonstrate their mastery of this heavily structured and themed form of poem. Within the genre of poetry and specifically, sonnets, there are two predominant types of sonnets. The first, prevalent sonnet form was the Petrarchan sonnet developed by Francesco Petrarch, an Italian writer in the fourteenth century. Petrarch’s sonnets, first and foremost, were written in Italian verse. These Italian sonnets were divided further from the initial fourteen lines into two stanzas, the octave, or the first eight lines, followed by the answering sestet, the…

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  • How Is William Wordsworth's Petrarchan Sonnet Composed Upon Westminister Bridge

    Amanda Bruner Mr. Kuhn Honors English 12 - E Period 22 September 2014 Awe for Calm In his Petrarchan sonnet “Composed upon Westminister Bridge, September 3, 1802,” William Wordsworth expresses his enthusiasm for the scene of London by explaining its vast beauty brought upon through the stillness of nature in the early morning. Differing from the majority of Wordsworth’s writings, this sonnet initially focuses on the unnatural world consisting of buildings and man-made objects present in an…

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  • Figurative Language In Death Be Not Proud By John Donne

    The poem “Death, Be Not Proud”, by John Donne, is a Petrarchan sonnet, which is divided to an octave (the first eight lines) and a sestet (the last six lines). In the octave we are exposed to the speaker who seems to be a simple man who does not like Death (maybe from a personal experience, but we cannot know for sure), and probably religious. We can assume he is religious by the belief of “soul’s delivery” (8) and eternal life after death, as stated in line 13. The speaker addresses Death, and…

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  • Modern Sonnet 15 Poem Analysis

    Modern Sonnets: Extending Beyond Petrarchan Idealism Through Lineation and Meter Historically, the sonnet is a form that expresses beauty, perfection, and ideals. While the Petrarchan blazon sonnet is focused exclusively on objectifying the female body, modern sonnets such as Alice Notley’s “Sonnet 15” and Claude McKay’s “The Castaways” veer away from that Petrarchan idealism. In “Sonnet 15”, Notley writes of the speaker’s heartbreak from a past relationship. Similarly, McKay chooses a darker…

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  • Love And Desire In Sir Thomas Wyatt's Whoso List To Hunt

    A combination of Petrarch and English sonnet conventions construct love and desire in Sir Thomas Wyatt 's “Whoso List to Hunt”. However, from Petrarch 's perspective, love is transcendent and idealizes the beloved. The poet places his love on a pedestal. Desire, on the other hand, focuses on longing and frustration. The poet 's love is unwanted and injustice (Riddell). In this essay I will examine Petrarchan conventions such as the conceit, as well as illicit, thwarted, and unrequited love, and…

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  • Analysis Of When I Have Fears By John Keats

    Also reflecting standard practice within Petrarchan poetry, Longfellow’s octave utilizes an a b b a, a b b a rhyme scheme and his sestet adopts a c d c, d c d pattern (Mason and Nims 312). The octave’s unified structure and rhyme scheme strike a contrast with Keats’s introductory quatrains. While Keats frames these quatrains as subordinate clauses, preempting a resolution to the fears they discuss, Longfellow’s octave does no such thing. Instead, Longfellow crafts a unified, emotional…

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  • Poem Analysis: Blistered By Gail Foster

    The Sonnet, derived from the Italian word sonetto which means "a little sound or song." Traditionally the sonnet form of poetry is created with 14 lines written in iambic pentameter, has a fixed form, and employs one of many rhyme schemes. The original and most common form is the Italian sonnet. Also referred to as the Petrarchan, named after the Italian poet Petrarch who is considered one of its greatest practitioners. The Italian form has two stanzas. The first stanza is the octave, eight…

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  • Petrarch's Canzoniere And Whoso List To Hunt And Sonnet 23

    Petrarch’s Canzoniere is a volume of 365 sonnets and songs that explore the poet’s desire for a woman who is beautiful but chaste, and therefore unattainable. The speaker’s inability to attain the woman’s love is a common thread weaving throughout these sonnets and songs and gave rise to the concept of Petrarchan love, a theme that many poets have since emulated. Sir Thomas Wyatt’s sonnet Whoso List to Hunt and Sonnet 67 by Edmund Spenser are adaptations of Petrarch’s Canzoniere sonnet, Rima…

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  • Sonneteers: An Analysis

    “To me there's no creativity without boundaries. If you're gonna write a sonnet, it's 14 lines, so it's solving the problem within the container.” All sonnets follow one form and style but it is the result of emotional pain, personal values, state of mind and rational actions that separate and differ one sonnet poem from another. Sonnets were first introduced to the world in Italy traditionally written as love poems. This particular style of poetry was invented in the early 12th century, by the…

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  • Analysis Of What Lips My Lips Have Kissed And Where And Why

    Edna St. Vincent Millay’s “What lips my lips have kissed, and where, and why (Sonnet XLIII)” explores the tragedy of inevitable loneliness. Much of poetry is considered self expression, and with that notion in mind, and for the sake of this analysis, I will assume that Millay is documenting her own feeling or experience even though it is definitely in the realm of possibility that Millay is speaking from the point of view of an third-party character or separate persona. “Sonnet XLIII” divulges a…

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