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  • Birth Of Islam Research Paper

    In light of the discussion on the circumstances surrounding the birth of what would be called Islam, there is much debate between scholars on what factors had driven the creation of the religion and how its characteristics suited the spiritual needs of the time. Scholars such as Armstrong propose that Islam took on a monotheistic format due to the circumstance of how Arabs at the time suffering a form of spiritual malaise and sought to find a new outlet for their spiritual beliefs. Scholars such as Armstrong further elaborate the malaise by stating how Arabs at the time knew that Judaism and Christianity, which were practiced in the Byzantine and Persian empires, were more sophisticated than their pagan traditions. However, this view comes across as presumptuous as it imposes a modernized view of the superiority of monotheistic faiths over polytheistic faiths while making unfounded assumptions about the intentions behind the actions of early Islamic followers. Scholars such as Montgomery Watt emphasize that early Arabs wished to create a structured faith which was an embodiment of the moral correctness and cultural identity of Arabian culture at the time, which seems to be the more agreeable hypothesis than simply stating that Arab populations were collectively suffering from some sort of spiritual ennui. The three factors of the desire to affirm what can be defined as Arabian culture, the goal to create a system of rules in response to the more turbulent events of the time,…

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  • Petra Hillsburg Case Study

    Story of Petra Hillsburg The air was stifling and muffed, as it strangled the life out of everyone in the room. Who knew that this would be the most enigmatic and complex trial in the history of man kind. In the front of the room stood the tower of a man, with a mean double chin, ready to convict and sentence a man to death, with a stroke of his gavel. Judge Richard, known as the hanging judge has never acquitted a man in his life. He holds the record of three hundred convictions a multitude…

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  • ACA Code Of Ethics Case Study

    Case 1 This paper will discuss the case involving Petra who is an immigrant to the United States. However, Jonathan is not familiar with immigrants. Jonathan refers Petra to another counselor who is well trained in working with immigrants, but not as confident with depression. The paper will look at the ethical issues surrounding this case and use research and other case examples as well. Ethically speaking Jonathan made the decision to refer Petra to a new therapist based solely on her being…

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  • Conflict In The Chrysalids

    This is very powerful and could potentially affect the telepathic group later on. “[It is] the other ones. The long-way away ones, can't you hear them?”(115), Petra stated as she pointed to the South-West direction. This could concern the telepathic group because Petra has a stronger ability to reach others elsewhere. “[She said that she has] had my afraid thoughts before, she wants to know who I am”(134), Petra says about the Sealand woman that she has connected to through thought shapes. Petra…

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  • Character Analysis Of Blue Balliett In Frank Lloyd Wright's Robie House

    changed. Calder makes friends with another classmate, Petra Andalee. Now, Tommy is back, and, despite Petra’s objections about Tommy, the three of them must prevent Frank Lloyd Wright’s Robie House from being torn down! The Wright 3 is a thrilling mystery by Blue Balliett, who exquisitely weaves in many surprises and scenes filled with suspense! Blue Balliett was born in New York, in January 1955 (“Blue Balliett”). Her birth name was Elizabeth, but she has always been called “Blue” ("Blue…

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  • Powerful Women In John Wyndham's The Chrysalids

    Rosalind is one the main characters and David's love interest. She is a protective person and cares about others. Rosalind demonstrates this when she lies to concern men about Petra screaming, “‘What! With the way she was yelling! I’d’ve thought anybody who wasn’t deaf would have heard her half-way to Kentak” said Rosalind with an incredulous expression of surprise towards him’ (84). She also killed a guard in order to protect everyone else (128). “I woke up to catch an anguished thought from…

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  • Creative Writing: The Vegetarian Frog

    The Vegetarian Frog Once upon a time, there was a little frog. Her name was Petra and she lived in a swamp full of frogs. Poor Petra was very sad because she was not able to jump. She didn’t care much about the ability, what made her sad was that her brothers and sisters made fun of her, that her father looked at her angrily and that her mother was very, very worried. So Petra tried to make her first jump all day long. Jumping appeared to be a very important ability and it was more important…

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  • Breaking Norms In The Chrysalids

    Rosalind are able to find Petra so quickly. Rosalind cleverly clears up the man’s suspicion by having a look of disbelief on her face and speaking with an astonished tone as if it was obvious that Petra was here. Rosalind is perceptive as she is capable of quickly thinking of solutions on the spot. Rosalind’s responsible nature shows when she warns David not to tell Petra about her special ability as she doesn’t think “it is fair, or safe, to burden her until necessary” (85). David wants to warn…

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  • Enders Game Hero's Journey

    things but Bonzo did not want to accept a launchie in his army. Ender meets a friend in that army, Petra. After befriending each other, and observing each other’s skills, Petra directs Ender, “Petra taught him to hold his arm straight, to aim with the whole arm” (83). Petra then became one of his friends at battle school for a while, which was rare for Ender to have at that…

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  • The Chrysalids Character Analysis

    kill Rosalind and Petra because the torture that they would go through would be much worse. David loves both Rosalind and his sister, and explains the difficulty of this decision: "The possibility of [Rosalind] and Petra suffering made me shudder. 'Yes', I told him, and the others. 'Yes - I understand.'" (143). David loves Rosalind and Petra so much that if he were to see them tortured, he would be emotionally scared. Therefore David understands that he must take both their lives, to bring them…

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