Conflict In The Chrysalids

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Imagine the power of communicating with friends void of words, spoken or written next door or across the seas. In The Chrysalids written by John Wyndham, relationships within the telepathic group can be harmed by outsiders, certain individuals in the group and the involvement of distant friends. Outsiders can be destructive in many ways. Certain persons in the group, can cause damage and distress to other members. Distant friends can also get involved by intercepting messages. In the Chrysalids, the ability to connect to people without using words is possible.
Firstly, some conflict within the group becomes destructive by outsiders. Alan is very honourable to the Waknuk community and he would inform leadership about anything misplaced. When Alan had noticed the six toed footprint of Sophie, David tried to cover it up. Alan asked frequently of who that
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This is very powerful and could potentially affect the telepathic group later on. “[It is] the other ones. The long-way away ones, can't you hear them?”(115), Petra stated as she pointed to the South-West direction. This could concern the telepathic group because Petra has a stronger ability to reach others elsewhere. “[She said that she has] had my afraid thoughts before, she wants to know who I am”(134), Petra says about the Sealand woman that she has connected to through thought shapes. Petra describes of what Sealand looks like and the advanced technology. “[A] place with lots of houses, different from Waknuk houses, and much bigger. Also, there are funny carts without horses running along the roads. And things in the air, with whizzing things on top of them”(136). This inquires the group of what exactly Petra is talking about. Petra is influenced by her strength, to receive messages that are opposite of her community's standards. This can be destructive to the group later on, if the Sealand woman keeps communicating to

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