Isolation In John Steinbeck's The Chrysan

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In John Steinbeck’s novels, he makes it clear that everything is included on purpose. The women characters that he portrays in “The Chrysanthemums”, a short story, and in Of Mice and Men, a novel, both have an isolation from society. During the Great Depression it was a hard time for everyone, but especially women did not get the respect and abilities that the men got back then, and the abilities that they have now. Their relationships with people around them affect how they can feel by being appreciated and included, but that is not the case for both of the women. Being isolated from the outside world by society can affect someone to feel lonely.
Elisa is isolated by the environment of the Salinas Valley without freedom in the outside world.
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Their environment that they are in prevents them in a way to be the person they want to be and to do the things they want to. Elisa wants to work with the men and have higher expectations. Curley’s wife wants to be noticed and appreciated by acheiving her dream in the movies. They each have a desire for a bigger life and to follow their dream that is different than what they had before. Since these women are isolated by their environment, they don’t have a high chance to live their dream. Social norms isolate them from the outside world, and their own relationships keeps them from being able to acheive it. Elisa is trapped by being limited to her work and doing things in “the women’s world”. She has to stick to the normal work of women and not want to have anything to do with the “hard work”. Curley’s wife wants to be recognized by someone in the movies, but she is under her husband Curley’s control. He won’t let her leave the house and talk to other people for his lack of trust of her and being self-consious of himself. Being stuck in one spot like Elisa and Curley’s wife is understandable to feel lonely. They do not have the privalages that women do now of having a job, going to school, being able to live on your own and follow your

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