Importance Of Penelope In The Odyssey

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Register to read the introduction… We see finally in the Nausikaas short episode, the most important factor a woman must realize. Nausikaa directs Odysseus to the city but recommends that he goes by himself to avoid the scandal that might arise if she were seen bringing in a male stranger. It is Precisely this the best reputation which is presented in the Odyssey as the most valued goal in life. Penelope's responsibility is to develop and maintain the best reputation. As wife she must preserve the reputation of her husband, her family, and must maintain the system of the household. As a woman she must arise above scandal and maintain a position in society. Her …show more content…
I lost a husband with a heart of a lion and who among Danaans surpassed in all virtues..." In this was Penelope reinforces the authority of Odysseus and keeps his reputation great. Penelope is able to keep the palace in order too. She still maintains the system of philoxenia, however is a response to the will of the gods which she respects and is faithful to. Her network of communication also remains strong a d efficient under circumstances. Even though she is physically isolated from the outside activity she had reliable and faithful messenger service especially from Medon, Dolios and Eurykleia. They keep her formed on the conspiracies of the suitors and provide information about Telemachos and Odysseus. For example, she receives word from Medon: "... Now they are minded to kill Telemachos with sharp bronze on his way home." Book IV line 700
Right away Penelope directs another messenger to spread the word to the appropriate

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