Character Analysis Of Blue Balliett In Frank Lloyd Wright's Robie House

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Tommy Segovia and Calder Pillay had always done things together. Always. They both went to the same school, The University School in Hyde Park, Chicago. For pastimes, they would dig in the dirt and look for treasure. But when Tommy goes away to New York, everything is changed. Calder makes friends with another classmate, Petra Andalee. Now, Tommy is back, and, despite Petra’s objections about Tommy, the three of them must prevent Frank Lloyd Wright’s Robie House from being torn down! The Wright 3 is a thrilling mystery by Blue Balliett, who exquisitely weaves in many surprises and scenes filled with suspense!
Blue Balliett was born in New York, in January 1955 (“Blue Balliett”). Her birth name was Elizabeth, but she has always been called “Blue” ("Blue Balliett: Author Of: Hold Fast, The Danger Box, The Calder Game, The Wright 3, Chasing Vermeer, and Nantucket Ghosts."). She graduated from Brown University with an art history degree,
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She conveys the thoughts of each character so that the reader is able to understand how each character feels. “With any luck, she (Petra) had thought unkindly, Tommy would become the Invisible Man” (Balliett 37). Petra feels that Tommy is taking Calder away from her, and Tommy feels the same way about Petra. As to the “Invisible Man,” Petra found a book titled The Invisible Man by H.G. Wells, about a man who is literally invisible, and hoping that Tommy would become invisible as well. “Right, Calder fumed. How could he ever have thought Tommy and Petra would get along? Balancing the two of them stunk” (Balliett 50). Calder is angry with Tommy for slamming the door on him, after he mentioned Petra’s name. Tommy is always angry when Calder mentions Petra’s name; Petra is always irritated when Tommy’s name is mentioned. This is something many people will relate to because they also have friends that disagree with one

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